A Rising Star – Lucy Nunn – LPGA / Duramed Futures Tour

Hi been a few days since my last post.

I have Good News.  Recently I found out of a rising star in the world of professional golf.   Her name is Lucy Nunn and she plays as a member of the LPGA’s Duramed Futures Tour. This is much like the Nationwide tour for the PGA Tour.

Right as we speak Lucy is in New Hampshire playing in the International at Concord Event. As soon as I saw the name, I just knew I had to follow her progress.  Nunn’s gotta stick together there’s not to many of us around.   I guess it’s because we are all so blessed!  Sooooo anyway,  I will be posting stuff on Lucy in the future as well.

Friday Lucy shot 70 and ended up in a tie for 21st when she posted a two under par 70.  Saturday she posted a 3 under par 69 where she is currently tied for 7th place at 5 under par and three shots back of the leader.  I am seeing big things for Lucy,  all she has to do is capitalize on her own strengths, while at the same time let the others fall back.  If Lucy is patient and plays the course right, she could win this.

Go Lucy I want to see you not only in the LPGA / Duramed Tour Championship, but I want you to win it to.

When I found out about Lucy, I thought it comical that there are two Nunn’s, from different regions of the country, totally unrelated to each other except by last name,  that are professional golfers who work different parts of the industry.  While I do still play on occasion, I mostly teach now.  Lucy being young, is a rising star on the ladies playing circuit.

I wish you Well Lucy.  If you need anything, please let me know.  You are doing great keep it up.  And light up the course with birdie’s and a couple eagles on Sunday.  Actually do better than light it up, when you step up to that first tee girl, make that golf course shiver, shudder and say RUT ROH…Here comes Lucy.

Here is some info about Lucy…Everybody root her on, it always gives players a boost when they have supporters.  Go LUCY, we want to see you on the LPGA and we know you can do it.

Hi Everyone
HI Everyone...I am Lucy, nice to meet you

Lucy Nunn
Birthplace Oklahoma City, Okla.
College University of Arkansas
Degree Kinesiology – Pre-Athletic Training
Turned Professional 2009
Joined FUTURES 1/21/2009
Career Earnings $6,074
Career Best Finish 26th

* 2009 Turned Professional
* 2009 Winner LSU Golf Classic.
* 2009 Golf-Week Magazine Honorable Mention.
* 2009 Second Team All-SEC.
* 2009 SEC Community Service Team.
* SEC Championship Tied 7th (Univ. of Ark.)(2008 – 09).
* 2008 Winner Women’s Southern Amateur Championship.
* 2008 U.S. Women’s Am round of 32
* 2008 NCAA’s tied 23rd


Until next time

Robb Nunn

PGA Professional

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