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Golf Ball Dimples

Golf Ball Dimples and Design aka

Learning to Fly:

NOW this is something that everyone wants to do, Learn to fly, for some of us, just getting the ball to soar higher and farther than anyone in our group is good enough.  But hey, everyone already knows that Golf Ball Dimples aid us in this, so why the quick clip? My guess was to make it simple.

To aid us in this journey, Titleist produced a video back in late 2014.  I guess it was pretty obvious, that there are enough questions about golf ball and dimple design, that they chose to make a little movie about it.

While I could go on for a week full of Sunday’s on this one.  The technology on balls has advanced so much, that it is better to let the experts in golf balls at Titleist guide you along.  Now if only they could bring the cost of the PRO V and ProV1 down all will be wonderful in golf land.

It’s a great little video from Titleist on golf ball dimples and their effect on flight of the ball.

Instead of you having to do all the research into golf ball dimples to find the link or page. It is right below.

Alternatively, you can click here.

To Team Titleist … I and everyone else thanks you.  Copyright usage to the video are of courtesy and belong to Titleist.

Happy Golfing and have a wonderful day.


Swing Changes

When it Comes to Swing Changes, The old saying goes, keep doing the same thing and you get the same results!

Another way to look at this is from the definition of insanity which says. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. But I am sure that you are not guilty of that one are you.

So what about your Swing Changes? How are you putting them to the test and your best usage?

As a PGA Teaching Professional, Coach, and Instructor, your instructor, I see this daily when people are practicing or even playing golf. What is more interesting is, that I see and hear how everyone wants to become the best they can be. Okay, I can live with that. BUT, what if you are going to your instructor, seeking assistance, asking for help, getting the help, and then not taking the advice given, that YOU PAID FOR? What sense does that make and more importantly…what good does that do.

More so, what if you are taking that information and pushing it off to the side? When you come to ANY instructor, they are giving you their hard earned experiences and life long learning. Even more so, you can bet there is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that have been placed into that learning process.

We as professionals, do not want you to change your swing, nor are we going to try and change your swing, what we WILL do is give you the information that you seek and need to make things better.  What you do with that information is up to you.  Hopefully you will adopt the swing changes we recommend and make your golf more enjoyable.

Thousands of hours of work, hundreds of thousands if not millions of swings are put into being able to teach by PGA and LPGA Professionals. Countless balls are stuck, Hundreds or thousands of rounds of golf played. Lastly, whomever and whichever teacher you use is attaching their name to the end result of what they teach you, what you incorporate, and WHAT WORKS.  Just because it does not work for you does not mean that it does not work, it only means that there is a level of misinterpretation that is not allowing it to work.  That is what we, you and I as a team, have to figure out.

Make no mistake, there is not a PGA or LPGA Professional that I know of, that doesn’t fully believe within their heart and soul, that what they are teaching you is in your best interest and the best thing for you.

Your instructor is not just a teaching professional, he/she whomever the may be is a just as much a professional golfer as Tiger Woods, Fred Couples, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Lorena Ochoa, Yani Tseng, or any other Professional Golfer you may see on TV, day in and day out.

The difference is, and this is to your advantage mind you, that those who teach for a living versus playing for a living, have CHOSEN to serve your best interests and ASSIST YOU in becoming a better golfer. Yes you read that right, they have chosen to be of service to you. And trust the knowledge that at one point in time, they had to make the choice of what career path within the golf industry the wanted. They had to choose to become a player, teacher, or administrator.

When you choose us we are proud, very proud that you choose us. It is the greatest testament and honor a Professional Golfer can get, KNOWING that YOU chose them to help you. NO matter what swing mechanics or system that person teaches, what matters most to us is your satisfaction, your game, YOU GETTING BETTER and having MORE FUN.

Why would anyone teach something they did not believe in and was not able to demonstrate and do themselves? That just doesn’t make sense. The other thing that doesn’t make sense is, if someone comes to them, and then disregards the solutions that they came there seeking to begin with. Seriously, would you go to a doctor if you are sick, have that doctor write you a prescription, buy the drugs from the pharmacy, take them home and let them sit on the shelf?

Or what about advice from your financial advisor, lawyer, or dentist. Would you not take their advice when you asked for it? Why would anyone teach something that they had knowledge of would not work? You don’t do this to your children do you? Then if you wouldn’t do it, why would the Professional Golfer you HIRED do any less?

There are many swings, and many more teachers in the world then you can shake a stick at. Conversely there are many different styles of teaching also. What should matter most to you is the results you get in the time you spend with them.

One of my most frequent things is when a new student comes along or when I give a quick tip and it changes the whole ball game for someone. I see them, we talk, I watch, analyze and diagnose, then give my best solution. Inevitably during conversations I will hear the word or question “BUT why doesn’t so and so big name player do this, or why doesn’t this big name teacher do that”. I only have three answers for you when it comes to this. Are you ready for the answers. Hope so, as hear they come.

1. I am not sure as to why they don’t teach this, maybe they do, or maybe the have not investigated this.
2. I am not teaching them, I am teaching YOU and your swing is not like theirs.
3. We are here to help you not them!

Just because they are not mentioning it or you are not seeing it does not mean the are not doing or teaching it. In my experience, every teacher has a certain style and forte that they are deeply entrenched in. They have found that if they focus there, they get fast results for their clients. So when you are deciding on a instructor, it would do you well to talk with them before you buy. Find out if what they have to say, makes sense to you and jives with your thought process.

More times than not, teachers and students are at opposite ends of the spectrum on learning, at least at first. Someone comes to us wanting to do a certain thing within their golf swing, most just want to hit it farther. Yet in reality, when we are doing our assessment of the individual, what we are seeing is a flaw in a basic fundamental that does not allow them to do what they want. So we go into building them a plan on how to get there. We discuss it with them, giving them the details, and then move forward.

The next thing that happens is, we put them on that path to learning more about their swing and them as a golfer. Only to have them take the ONE lesson they have gotten, run right to the golf course to try it out, then have it go wrong because they have not worked on it enough to ingrain it yet, and then have them blame us for goofing things up for them. When in reality, they went out to the golf course, did what they always do, tried the fix for one or two shots without really practicing it, then gave up on it, and blamed the pro the are working with, when they are the one swinging the club.

So what is the solution to you hitting the ball longer and straighter?  Here is a really good thing for you to do. Get your lesson in the early part of the week, then practice what your pro gave you at least twice before you put it into play, and when you do play, be considerate of the fact that you are making changes. Change takes time.  The Golf Swing and Swing Changes have been around for some 600 or so years, what makes you or anyone else think that they are going to change it in one golf lesson?  NOW, as you get better, the changes will come quicker, but in the beginning, take your time.

Changing things in your golf swing IS not hard to do from a physical stand point, IT’S THE MENTAL ACCEPTANCE OF THOSE SWING CHANGES. We all, already know that, the mind is terrible thing to waste, yet it is the mind that gets in the way most of the time in wanting to resist change.

I am Robb Nunn, a PGA Professional, and I own Golf Equation Swing Academy.  My goal is to help you learn and get better in the fastest way and shortest time possible.  When you do decide to come see me for a lesson, I give you all I have, along with  all I have learned and experienced.  It is MY GOAL to make any swing changes you may need be as effortless and painless as possible.  BUT, the one thing I cannot do for you is this.  I cannot practice and do the work needed for you to get better, that is up to you.

Click Here, sign up for a lesson, let’s start making your swing easier today

Until the next time, hit them long, straight, and a few times as possible on the golf course.

Happy golfing and have a great day.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy


PGA Magazine – Jan 2013

Teaching Teachers

HI All well it has certainly been a while since I posted anything here so let’s get something going for the new year.

Good things have already been taking place for 2013. I was graced with the opportunity to have an article published in PGA Magazine. The editors titled it “Teaching Teachers”.  Click and read it here.

Most of you will find it pretty interesting as it deals with a segment of teaching that I have kept a pretty Quiet Mind on. Go take a look and read the article.

In other news, I stumbled across something that I noticed in a video that basically equates to a main secret to the success of Ben Hogan, Moe Norman, and quite a few other PGA and LPGA Tour Players. It has to do with a certain position attained just prior to impact. While I am going to talk about it here, I am only going to reveal it to those of you who book a lesson. Now why would I do that? Because it is something better demonstrated than just talked about and, I can’t get you into the correct position unless I show you. So here it is.

It is one of the PRIMARY positions that creates a tremendous amount power … and accurate ball flight. NO it is not what everyone else has already talked about or is already trying to get you to understand, that is only half the answer. In analyzing the results this position produces, I can already tell you, it is actually far more critical than what has been discussed by many others.

Any PGA Professional will verify that correct positioning plays a critical role in how well you end up delivering the club face back to square at impact. Most, if not everyone, at some point in time, forget how things work mechanically within the golf swing. Luckily we have this thing in our brain called the Basil Ganglia. The Basil Gangilia portion of the brain can be most compared to the hard drive in your computer. And we all know that no hard drive in a computer means no computer.

Amazingly so, your brain operates relatively the same as everyone else’s does when it comes to using your hard drive or memory banks. I hear the statement of “Muscle Memory” a lot, to me it is both a overused and also a largely misunderstood improper statement. Relatively speaking there is no such thing as muscle memory. Muscles don’t remember anything, it is the Basil Ganglia that stores the information and remembers what neurons are fired that are needed to be done to accomplish a specific task. The Basil Ganglia is basically what your subconscious is and where it pulls the information from.

So why do I say this. Well let’s look at some simple and practical things here.

Yep here we go with the simple questions again. You know me, I do this a lot when it comes to most of my life but especially when it comes to swinging a golf club.

1. How is it possible for the basil ganglia pull the information from the muscle?
2. If there was such a thing as muscle memory, then why would we need a basil ganglia and more so, how would the brain and body remember when and where to store that information for retrieval?
3. To complicate this process of thought, why would our bodies and memory be designed to recall information needed from a certain part of the body only to decipher it and return it back to the same part of the body before we acted? That question in itself makes me wonder that if this were the case then why would we need a memory for action.

I know I know, pretty far out there isn’t it. The fact still remains that if you don’t break down the fundamental question about muscle memory, and how it works to make you maintain the swing you choose, then how is it possible to make any physical movement at all let alone swing a golf club without the Basil Ganglia initiating the sequence and being the CEO of the Brain?

Sorry, I got a little off track for the article. Back to our original conversation about the secret position I was speaking of. So I was doing some in depth research of specific positions that were being accomplished by some of the greatest players and ball strikers in golf both past and present. I found another one of my lately favorite terms come into play, “COMMON DENOMINATOR”.

Well I have found a few of these simple common denominators out and the results are astounding WHEN, you put them into practice and play. So if you want to find out more about these simple common denominators I am speaking of, log in to your account and book a lesson. 2013 is here and we are on the path to making your golf swing and golf game better.

You are going to find another big surprise once you are here, and we discuss it, and insert it into your golf swing. It truly brings into play one of those AHA moments and makes the light bulb glow brighter and your golf swing get better and more consistent.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure that you go read my article in PGA Magazine.

Until the next time, hit em long, straight, and as few times as possible while on the golf course. Happy Golfing and Have a Great Day.

Robb Nunn
Founder / PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy

Night Practice

Night Practice


Have you ever done a Night Practice session, at a Lighted Driving Range?

If you live in Southern California, or any other Major Metropolitan area, chances are most likely that you have had at least one opportunity for night practice.  But what if you live out in the suburbs?  If you are lucky enough to have a facility that does have a lighted range, giving you the opportunity for Night Practice, great.  Lighted ranges give you a fabulous opportunity that you might not otherwise have or realize.  How so you might ask.

Here is a short list of the benefits of Night Practice at lighted ranges.

Each one of the bullets below is preceded by the words “YOU CAN”

  • Normally night practice and hit balls until around 10PM
  • Meet different types of people during night practice
  • Develop friendships and camaraderie that might have been eluding you.
  • Test your abilities against others you have met through a myriad of games and contests.
  • Work upon your game without having to rush to the 1st tee
  • Generally get some sort of assistance from other players,  if you dare
  • Get lucky by possibly getting a chance to practice with your pro too, if they are present.

I have a habit of teaching during the afternoon and evening, this provides some freedom for my clients they might not otherwise have from work.  Yet it allows them, or gives them a reason to come hit balls in the evening and during the middle of the week.

There is a myriad of things that can and will happen for the good of your game once you begin regular night practice sessions.  So it really is just a matter of trying it out.  With the winter season approaching fast and the holidays right around the corner.  You may want to avail yourself of night practice.  This allows you to focus on your game more and practice what you and your pro have been working on.  Just make sure to bundle up and layer your clothing.

Another thing that takes place in night practice is, you begin to learn how to focus better on your swing and shots.  The reason this takes place is because, you go into this mode of how well you are striking the ball on a straight path towards the target rather than just focusing on the target.  At night you can’t really see the targets, but you can very easily see the effects of ball flight in the darkness under the lights.  And you can generally see for about 220 yards.  If you are really alert and aware, you will be surprised at what you learn.

Until next time, Hit them long, straight and as few times as possible while on the golf course.

Happy Golfing and Have a Great Day.

For more information on night practice with the pro, contact me through my website or call me directly.  It’s a fun way to get better, learn some new things, and keep things at relatively reduced cost all at the same time.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy

Winter Golf

Winter Golf


Hi All;

Well it’s that time of year again, the leaves are falling, Halloween is near, and we are getting closer to the holidays.  Daylight is getting shorter, daylight savings is almost over, temperatures are dropping, and basically we are rapidly approaching that time of year we all know as Winter Golf.

Winter Golf is upon us!

For those who live in the northern states, you put your clubs in the closet or garage and get ready for the snow.  Those lucky enough to be in more hospitable places such as The Southeast or South Western parts of the United States, well you have a different story.  Luckily for me I live in Southern California, and excluding a few rain outs here and there, we get to play pretty much all year round.

Then again, we do so in at times very blustery and colder conditions than we are used to.  I can recall numerous times playing golf in 40 degree weather.   Brrrrrrr, not fun at all.  Do you know how hard it is to hold on to a golf club with icicles for fingers?  One mishit on the face and you are feeling the burn of bad impact, and yes it stings like all get out.  This is one of the reasons that I have the utmost respect for those who live and play golf in the UK.

Shoot I am getting cold just thinking about it.  but never the less, Winter Golf is bearing down upon us and quickly I might add.  So what can you do to keep your game in shape during the winter.  Well in my next installment, I will give everyone some gems I have learned over the years at how to keep yourself sharp throughout the next few months and be ready for 2013.

I will leave you with this.  One thing you can do for your clubs is this.  Before you store them away for the winter clean them up nicely and I mean prim and proper.  Leave no stone unturned in this.  Rust settles in quickly if you aren’t careful, and we all know that you will have to scrape some of the rust off your swing in the spring, let alone having to scrape it foo your clubs as well.  So try this little trick I learned from my pops as a kid.  Place a very light coat of 3 in 1 oil on the heads and them wrap them up in saran wrap.  This seals the open areas of the head and also keeps the moisture that creates rust at bay.

I don’t do this on my putter as I love to practice my putting and keep my game up that way.  Now the alternative you can do is this.

Find a indoor driving range and go at least once per week, at the same time, make a pact with yourself that you will get better next year.  Take the initiative to use the off-season more effectively, get some lessons and work hard upon the changes you want to see.  With the advent of more and more indoor practice and lesson facilities cropping up all over the place.  Now is the time to avail yourself and work upon some solid swing changes.  Another thing to do is to work on your mental game throughout the winter.

That leads me to this, for the first time in my career I am officially endorsing the most fabulous system for getting your mind in shape for golf.  It is called Quiet Mind Golf click the link and go look.  Most recently I ran across this and gave it a try.  IT WORKS, and it works immediately and I have never ever ever had any thing that involved mental training work immediately.

Quiet mind worked so well that I contacted the originators of it and … I just spent 3 days with Steven Yellin from PMPM Sports and the founder of the Quiet Mind Program.  After several talk on the phone and Skype, He and his partner Buddy Biancalana asked me if I would like to become the very First Certified Instructor for Quiet Mind.   Elatedly I said yes, and so effective as of  September 27, 2012, I was officially the very first certified Instructor for Quiet Mind Golf.

Let me tell you it was quite and experience to say the least.  I am honored and blessed to have that happen.  I can tell you right now that Quiet Mind Golf fits right in with any training and lessons you will ever need.  It has been getting rave reviews from many other PGA and LPGA pros, and amateurs across the country, and there are even a few names that you know of too.

You can bet that a lot of people will be hearing and taking advantage of the off season of Winter Golf, by utilizing and learning about and how to acquire a Quiet Mind for Golf.

We already know that Steven will be speaking at the annual LPGA Meeting this month in Las Vegas and… It is quite possible that he, myself, or another instructor will be be speaking on Quiet Mind Golf at a bigger event in January as well, though it is not totally  confirmed as of this writing.  We are all expecting to see this revolutionary system take a strong foothold within the industry very soon.

Quiet Mind Golf is by far the most advanced and easiest system I have ever come across, it works so effectively and it is so simple to implement into what ever you are doing with golf now.  NO SWING CHANGES NEEDED, though once you see how it works on you, you will want to get better!  So GET READY!

One of my clients Steven M. took a Quiet Mind Lesson while Steven Yellin was here and promptly when out and shot 81 the next day.  Another one of my clients Chris B. who is a High School Senior is hitting the ball further than he already was, he hit at least three drives on a frozen rope in the last ten days that were over 330.  I am still getting feed back from the others invited to take part in the study.  But from all appearances, everything I am seeing and hearing is positive and that is a big move in golf.

Well needless to say, I am happy as a lark at the opportunity presented to me with Quiet Mind Golf,  I am going to take advantage of it and show as many people as I can how easy it is to play golf with a Quiet Mind.  So I am sure that my winter golf season will be busy.  Best suggestion I have it is to book your lessons now, as I am sure once the word gets out, my book will fill up fast.

Until the next time, hit them long, straight, and as few times as possible on the golf course.  Happy golfing and Have  a Great Day.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy