Ball Position

Ball Position


Ball Position is the subject of today’s quick post.

A lot of common error for golf shots is where and how your ball position in golf stance.  From a general perspective, the ball should always be left of center in your stance.  In other words, left of your sternum.

When you are at your address, it is pretty obvious that you can’t have the ball position in golf stance and have the club in the same spot…at least not without moving the ball and gaining a two stroke penalty.  Two objects cannot occupy the same time and space, not at least for very long anyways.

When you are setting up and taking address for your golf swing, your ball position is critical to the flight of the golf balls direction and trajectory.  More importantly, if the ball position is out of place, it can also affect how you swing at the ball.  A golf ball position of being to far back in the stance sets you up for leaving the ball to the right and also making the ball fly either on a lower or higher then normal trajectory.  Conversely, a golf ball position that is to far forward in the stance can result in the same thing.

What matters most in this is how adept you are at manipulating or not manipulating the club through the swing.

If you are a seasoned ball striker and golfer, you know how to manipulate your shots from your ball position.  But if you are a higher handicapper and don’t get to practice a lot, then your ball position may create issues with control and consistency.  Every time you set up for your swing, you should always consider what is happening, and how your setup is affecting the five ball flight laws and ultimately the arc of your swing.

Your Ball Position is critical to you making the shot you want, be as exacting as possible for your own swing.

Don’t necessarily assume that what one ball position works for one person will normally work for you, it might not, especially if that person has a different type of swing method they are using.  You are best to experiment some with your own personal ball position to find the best one, as not all ball positions work the same way for all people.

Ball Position
How ball position affects path flight of the ball

In figuring out your own personal Golf Equation, it is always within your best interest to experiment and be diverse in your approach.  This is after all your golf swing, and if you want to get better, then you have to take the initiative of becoming not just a student, but also the architect of your own swing.  I might be able to tell you and even show you how to make the adjustments, but I can’t do it for you.

Well that is all for today and I will begin posting more frequently now so stay tuned for more tips.

Until next time, hit em long, straight, and as few times as possible on the golf course.  Happy Golfing, have a great day, and I’ll see you on the Lesson Tee.

For more information on your ball position or the ball flight laws and receiving private golf lessons and instruction from me, click here .

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional /  Founder
Golf Equation Swing Academy

PS.  Here is Jack Nicklaus giving a great explanation in his Golf Ball Position Video.

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