Golf is Simple

Golf really is a simple game, it’s all in how you approach it (no pun intended).

When your getting ready for a game of golf. How far in advance are you a the golf course before tee time? Well if your like most, your schedule is way to busy and your rushing to get there.

Do yourself a favor and either get there early, or if you run late or get there just prior to tee time, walk into the pro shop and ask the starter to move you back 15 minutes. Most will gladly oblige as if it’s busy, they have a waiting list.

Just explain to everyone involved what happened and you would rather tee off after you have gathered yourself. Simple solution, everyone will understand, things happen. You will thank yourself for this more than you can imagine later on.

Rushing to the first tee does no one any good, and normally results in you starting your game off in a very questionable way. Golf is meant to be enjoyed. If you bogey the first hole or worse from rushing around, your going to be in a bad attitude for at minimum a few holes.

Why put yourself in a position and compound the issue. Good course management and common sense should probably have you shaking your head in agreement right about now.

Next time your running late, do the prudent thing and talk with he starter, you will probably gain a lot of respect from everyone else.
More so, your game will be enhanced by your choice and you play a better more satisfying round of golf.

Until next time
Happy Golfing and Have a Great Day.
see ya soon

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