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HI Everyone;

In and effort to provide better service to you I have added a new main page to the website. Called Lanky’s Pro Shop. Named it after my dad.

Inside you will find my shopping cart of over 150 pages of the top selling golf products and equipment. There are a myriad of products listed within these pages. Trainings aid, golf clubs, books, DVD’s, apparel, accessories, comedy items, and even a few items that poke fun at all of us who play golf.

Pretty much almost every thing you may have both ever and never thought of is here. To keep it simple and allow everyone the piece of mind for security, I have decided to use Amazon as the shopping cart provider. Their security is the best in the world right now for online transactions, that is the main reason that I choose to use them.

As an added bonus here, for the first 10 people who purchase anything over $50.00 off of my website, I will give you a free golf lesson with me. This offer is only good for the next 30 days circa Jan 13, 2011. So this offer expires Feb 12, 2011. The only rules to this are simple.

1. Provide a copy of the receipt.
2. You can schedule and receive your lesson 45 days after the transaction is completed.
3. You must make an advance appointment for the lesson.
4. You must have the product with you when you receive the lesson.
5. You must come to the facility I teach at for the lesson.

I will be watching this very closely as the last time I did this, I had a few purchase a product then return it just so they could get a free lesson. Not nice, so you must keep the product. If you give the product as a gift, then the person you give it to is the one who receives the lesson. in either case i must see a copy of the receipt. Fair enough. Ok, onward and upward.

Have fun browsing, and I will see you on the lesson tee.

Until next time, hit em long, straight, and as few times as possible, Happy Golfing and Have a Great Day.

For more information or to get a lesson, you can reach me via my website

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional

PGA Professional Robb Nunn
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