How to Decide Whether Personal Golf Lessons Are Right For You

“Who am I to tell Tiger Woods how to play golf?” says Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’ new coach. It is probably true when it comes to the legendary Tiger Woods. It is probably not so true for some one who is just getting into the world of golfing. Golf is a great sport and many share the joys of golfing across the world.

Whether you are just edging in to golfing or whether you have spent some years playing golf, the trick to professional golfing may always need some extra help. There have been different opinions on whether one should take golf lessons or not. As it is for many other areas of life, the decision of whether or not taking a coach is and should be a personal decision. Here are some pros and cons that may help you take a decision.

Pros of taking golf lessons:

When you are starting off, believe it or not, you need someone to guide you with stances and the shots/swings. There are chances of getting seriously injured if you do not follow the correct steps.

Golf is said to be the single largest reason for back injury and back pain. So remember technique is very important, not just to improve your game but also to avoid injuries.

Golf lessons will also help you get rid of bad habits/stances and get the correct equipment and shots. Golf coaches generally accompany the student during his/her shots. This helps immensely if you listen to them and follow their tips.

When you are with a coach or a friend may be who plays good golf, you have for yourself a set time when you can learn new shots, unlearn bad stances and concentrate on improving upon your game. Since this time is strictly away from your regular play time, you will have a relaxed mind to learn better.

Whether you are into golfing for a while, many golfers have needed coaches or external help at different stages of their golfing career. So do not hesitate if you feel you need guidance.

Cons of taking golf lessons:

A golf coach will try to correct your wrong shots. You will have to be open to changes. After a certain age, most of us tend to stop taking criticism. In such a case a coach will be a waste of time and money.

All lessons will require you to set aside some time and attend the classes. If you miss one class, then that may harm your learning curve.

A coach will inspect all your moves and comment. If you think continuous attention from someone will not let you relax and would rather distract you, then probably having a coach is not such a good idea for you.

If you are a long time golfer, then probably you have good idea of the game and can learn easily and improve your golfing skills by observing.

Having a coach or taking golf lessons will always be a personal choice. Analyzing the pros and cons will probably help you in setting your goals.

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