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After weeks of preparation and planning, the New Golf Lesson Calendar and Registration Page is FINALLY up and running.

PHEW, what a ride at getting this going!

For those of you who are new clients either through Groupon or any other source, welcome aboard, I am looking forward to assisting you in any way I can, most importantly getting your golf swing and golf ball going in the right direction.  My apologies for any delay in getting you in here for the lessons you have purchased in advance.  The upside is that you are here now and you and I are moving forward as a team.  No onward and upward to some information about the new lesson booking and reservation system.

Current clients lesson calendar schedules will remain the same and be migrated over to the new Golf Lesson Calendar system during the next few days, I suspect a week at most.

FOR NEW CLIENTS, welcome aboard and thank you for placing your trust in me as an instructor.  The process is actually very simple, your first move is to sign up for my email tips list immediately to the right of the screen here.  It only takes about one minute to do this.

After you have gone through that process, just click on the link above in the navigation bar that says Golf Lesson Calendar, from there you will be guided right through the process of signing up and being able to schedule your first lesson.  Just make sure to read through the page and take your time so you can get in quickly.  You will find that is realy pretty simple.

The company that was contracted to host everything is the finest in the world for scheduling.  Their systems are secure beyond belief and I know for certain that client information is protected.  This in itself was the primary determining factor at who was going to get the contract for the scheduling.  Here are some bullet points about the new system.

  • Highest Level of Security Around.
  • Client Information Protected.
  • Ease of Use to the Student.
  • Keeps a running track of how many lessons are used
  • Keeps a running track of how many lessons are available.
  • NO more having to wait for a reply to phone call or email.
  • Book Lessons up to 4 weeks in advance.
  • Able to reschedule or cancel a lesson on the fly (with 24 hours notice of course).


The system itself is very user friendly and once you learn it, it is simple as all get out.  If you are not used to using online booking services, no problem, The Golf Lesson Calendar System walks you right through the process.  It is pretty much just like booking a hotel or airline flight. Now all that is left to do is for you to jump over there and schedule your lessons accordingly.

I am sure as with any new system there might be a few minor problems, but I don’t foresee any at this point in time.  If there, it is only a matter of notifying me and we will get it worked out.

In closing, thank you ever so much for your patience during the transition.  I am looking forward to helping and being of the best service I can to you.  I hope you enjoy being able to use the Golf Lesson Calendar System and find it easier in be able to schedule your lessons and fix your golf swing.

Until next time, Happy Golfing and have a Great DAY

Robb Nunn,  PGA Professional

Golf Equation Swing Academy

© 2012 Robb Nunn & Golf Equation Swing Academy

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