The Youngest Majors Winner … Ever

So who is Lexi Thompson?


She is the Youngest winner on both the LPGA and The Euro Ladies Tour COMBINED. Not only that, Lexi is THE YOUNGEST MAJORS WINNER EVER! And Youngest to ever qualify for the US Women’s Open (she did this at 12)

If you consider the Dubai Masters a major that is. I think it is, but that is left for the powers at be to decide. In any case Lexi wins twice in 2011, and secures her LPGA Tour Card for the 2012 season through tour school.

Is Lexi our next Womens Grand Slam Winner?

She could very well be, but she will have to overcome a few things on the road to that. Patience is the biggest one of them. But so far from all I have seen, Lexi has what it takes.

Yes she is the real deal, and look out rest of the field and world. I mean this girl can really really golf her ball. At 16 years old, she has proven she has the right stuff, she just keeps on going after it and getting better. WTG Lexi and Congrats on your win in Dubai.

So what’s next for Lexi, only Lexi knows for sure, but you can bet she and her family are going to be having one heck of a holiday season. I for one am looking forward to seeing her play next season, and how well she can turn up the heat on the rest of the field.

Golf’s newest and youngest phenom is here. Maybe she can put a spike back into womens golf, I certainly hope so, lord knows it needs it, matter of fact the whole golf world needs a spike.

There is some pretty bright talent out on the LPGA Tour, and in general all of Ladies Golf right now, and I am not discounting anyone. But here is good one for you…Lexi hits it about 280.

Not bad for girl.

Good luck out there Lexi, have fun and play well.

To everyone else, Happy Holidays, Happy Golfing and have a great day, hit em long, straight, and as few times as possible while on the golf course.

Robb Nunn
PGA Profesional
Golf Equation Swing Academy
Lake Forest Golf And Practice Center

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