Major Winners

Major Winners

As we all know the golf season has well been underway since the Master’s and with Bubba Watson’s come out of nowhere (literally) magnificent wedge from the trees during the playoff  win (he deserved it), it seems we are now deep into the throw’s of a season of unexpected new major’s winners and champions.

Bubba Watson, the first of our 2012 Surprising Major Winners
Bubba Watson Photo Copyright Bubba Watson G

From two aces and a double eagle at the Masters, to Michael Thompson’s love affair with Olympic that subsequently, led him to missing a couple of crucial putts on the way in and giving the US Open to Webb Simpson.  Thompson however did play very well though.  Then again he should have, for all intensive purposes, he practically grew up and cut his teeth on Olympic, Thompson knows the golf course as well as the Head Greens Keeper, USGA, and PGA Head Professional.  And he played well enough to give him exemptions into at least the next 4 majors just by virtue of his second place finish.

Webb Simpson Happy Holding US Open Trophy
Webb Simpson Copyright USGA/John Mummert
Michael Thompson after birdie at 16
Michael Thomson Copyright USGA/Michael Cohen

Yes we are clearly into the throes of a Major Championship Season that has yet to even see the likes of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, make a run for it.  Who will be our next Major Winners?



While most of the top 30 have fared well, it is questionable if they have lived up to making a serious run for a major title…YET!  But McDowell, Furyk, Harrington, Els, and Goosen did make great showings at Olympic, and all in the top ten.  Many other notables did however miss the cut!  So the question remains, is it age, prowess, equipment changes, or new golf lesson and instruction techniques (not mine of course), what is the hold back for these players?

Webb Simpson’s US Open Win came on what was by far the toughest major I have seen in quite some time.  The USGA and the grounds crew made sure that nobody but nobody was going to pillage par, unless it was by both sheer luck and having to totally be unconsciously in the zone.

Could it be that more tour events should hold to the same standard as the majors?  Or do we leave it the same and watch these guys just chew up the scorecard and and continue to spit it out.  I say step up the maintenance and make the golf courses tougher for the tour players and see what happens.  Maybe not quite as tough as the Major events, but definitely a little tougher.  I mean really now, 17 under par, that is a little bit overboard to me, though I am sure it would be fun to play that well and shoot a score like that.

Young Bucks and the Future of Golf. Future Major Winners?  Time will tell.

What about the new seeds coming up 17 year old Beau Hossler From Mission Viejo, Ca?   Beau a High School Senior has already signed with Texas for a full ride scholarship. Rumors have it that he may fore go his senior year at his current high school for home schooling and solidifying his game. Again just rumors, but we will see. And of course how could we forget to mention the 14 year old wonder Andy Zhang, of the People’s Republic of China, when he made history by officially becoming the youngest to ever compete at the U.S. Open.

Both of these 2 wonderful young men certainly have very long and storied careers ahead of them.  Beau is a magnificent ball striker and player, and he hails from the area that I Iive in, though I can’t say that I have met him yet.  Hopefully someday soon I will.  I am certain though he gained the valuable experiences playing at Olympic.

Beau Hossler - 17 Years Old from Mission Viejo, CA
Beau Hossler Photo Copyright USGA

I venture to say that Beau’s most valuable and memorable experience will be that of learning that you don’t win the Open… you get blessed with the chance and opportunity, but from an overall standpoint, the US OPEN WINS YOU!  Just like so many majors in the past, and I am sure the future as well, the Major tournaments not the player, pick their winner.  Seasoned Players and Professionals know never to talk about having the chance, they only live it in the present moment.

Andy Zhang - 14 Year Old Wonder - Youngest to Play in the US Open
Andy Zhang Photo copyright USGA

Andy Zhang is also a very qualified force to be reckoned with for the future.  His age and playing with the world’s best obviously had an effect on his nerves and that is ok.  Heck it matters not what age you are, be it 14 or 54 years old, Major championships have a way of loving you, or giving you the dose of reality that you are not who you think you are when it comes to golf.

This is some of the mystique of Golf, just when you think you have it licked and you own it, you get slapped upside the head and given that wake-up call that says…Live In the Present.  Go one shot at a time and NOTHING ELSE.



So who will it be for the Open Championship in Scotland this year? Royal Lytham and St. Anne’s holds a who’s who of winners.  Bobby Jones, Bobby Locke, Peter Thompsen, Bob Charles, Tony Jacklin, Gary Player, Seve Ballesteros (twice), Tom Lehman, and David Duval. The Claret Jug Awaits and I hope they make it tough to score well.

Claret Jug - The Open Championship Trophy
The Claret Jug Trophy.


Who knows who will win and become one of our next Major Winners.  One thing we all know is that whoever is leading or hanging around the lead on Sunday, had better be very careful to keep their thoughts of winning in check, and just play the ball as it lies keeping their thoughts to themselves.

PGA Championship Wannamker Trophy
PGA Wannamaker Trophy

So far as the PGA Championship, well that is too far away at moment for me to even think about guessing, so I will reserve my calls on possible for the week(s) of those events. The person who hoists the Wannamaker Trophy will most assuredly earn it.

I will only say this, Tiger is on his way back and it is only a matter of time now before he wins another major.  Watch out for Steve Stricker and Matt Kutchar, they have been hanging around the leaderboard at the Major’s the last couple of years and this too is also just a matter of time.

I would say place your bets now for the next two events that will produce and round out our list of 2012 Major Winners.


Until next time, Hit em long, straight, and as few times as possible on the golf course, Happy Golfing and Have a Great Day.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional / Founder
Golf Equation Swing Academy

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