Self Penalization

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Much of what we do in life is either filled with integrity or is just shy of that. We all get into jams now and then and work through them the best way we can. But this post goes to PGA Tour Professional Brian Davis.

This post reminds me of Bobby Jones.

Back in April, Brian Davis was playing the 18th hole of the final round of the Verizon Heritage Golf Tournament. He was pretty much assured a win. Inadvertently he hit his ball into a hazard. Now here is where it gets dicey, and this is exactly where living and breathing from the spirit of integrity comes into play.

On his next shot, Brian made his back swing while in the hazard and clipped a reed. Hence under rule 13-4 he called a penalty on himself.
Brian did the right thing here in keeping his honor and integrity in tact. He even went so far as to consult and confer with rules officials as to whether or not there was an actual breach.

In this certain situation, it was only Brian that knew he committed the breach of the rules, though it was verified by watching replays of it. Brian still did the right thing in not allowing his integrity to become broken in getting a win and an extra $500k.

Keep in mind, that win would have secured him his PGA Tour Card for the next two years, numerous exemptions for other events, invites to all the remaining 2010 majors, The 2011 Masters, and higher sponsor dollars.

I am sure he will get all of those invites and sponsor dollars anyway, but his decision did secure a few things for him. And I can tell you right now how proud his parents are. All in all his calling the penalty on himself initially cost him major dollars, well into the millions.

The bright side is this. Brian’s decision to call the penalty, gained him much more than money could ever buy him. It actually increased his worth as a person and professional well over one hundred fold.

Upcoming tournaments, rules officials, sponsors, and his peers, everyone around him can breathe a sigh of relief. Knowing, and I mean everyone knows exactly what Brian is really made of. NO it’s not that we didn’t before, we were just lucky and fortunate enough to have seen it in action, live and on TV.

Hey Brian, wanna run for office, I know of a few select vacancies coming. Wish you could run for president, well there’s always British parliament.

This is exactly what I consult businesses and individuals with. Anyone who knows me now, understands that I live and breathe my personal and business motto of “Inspire Integrity In All You Do”.

No matter what the cost may be for me, I do what is right. And I do this by all around me. The truth is, that there is not any one of us who can afford to do anything less than that. Brian Davis showed Integrity with Courage, for that he gets the Robb Nod for the month of June 2010

Am I perfect, not by any means. No thanks, wouldn’t want the job of being perfect, heck I’d never get any sleep. I have made many many mistakes, thankfully, some 24+ years ago, I was given a second lease on life, to make amends and make anew.

Since then, I have lived my integrity forward to this day, it is what I will forever do. And one day I will have all of my amends made up. Until then I keep plugging away. But before spirit calls me home and I leave this earth, I will eventually make up all of my amends. No matter how small or large.

There’s a lot to be said for the old statement of “Your name is only as good as your word”

Thank you Brian for sharing you name, persona, and word with us all.

Oh yeah, Hey Brian, if you do get to read this, Kudos, it’s way cool what you did, and it only means your much closer than you think. The Law of Attraction will see to it.

I feel The Open Championship coming. Play well.


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