Self Worth of Practice

Self Worth of Practice


All too many times I see people who say they are coming to practice, yet they only really came to hit balls.  While it is great that you are out hitting balls and at least trying to work on something.  Are you truly practicing?  Where is the sense of just beating balls?  How well are you really capturing the essence of practice?

Are you really fulfilling your Self Worth of Practice?  Hopefully you will read this entire post, there is a surprise at the end.

As a student of the swing, game, and more so just as a golfer, I owe it to myself to get the most out of my practice sessions.  This is not just because I am a Teaching Professional, PGA Member, and Professional Golfer.  It is because I WANT TO GET BETTER!  It really is just that plain and simple.  I really want to get better, and play better, Hitting the most precise shots that I can and shooting the lowest scores I possibly can.  Don’t you?

Self Worth of Practice demands that in ourselves.

I want to be competitive with my friends and peers.  I want the respect that comes from being a good ball striker and player.  Here is something else…  I know that you want that too.

So I am going to ask some of my patented ridiculously easy questions.  You know the ones with the obvious answers.  The ones that just make common sense of it all.  Ready?  I hope so, because they very well could be earth shattering questions about you and your golf game.

  1. How focused are you in your practice at learning more about the swing?

  2. Have you really broken your personal machine and golf swing down to the last nut and bolt (so to speak)

  3. How much time have you, or do you now, really invest into your golf game to get better?

  4. Are you going to practice, or are you going to socialize with your friends.  Not that the latter is bad, but the question remains … how focused are you on the task at hand of getting better.

These are simple questions to answer… if you want to answer them.  You see, I care about you and your swing, I want you to get better.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t teach or write about it.  I would just go play.  But that is not my path in life, my path in life is to help you build a better swing, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen WITH YOU, not for you.

But you have to make the CHOICE to want it for yourself as much or more than I or anyone else wants it.  We already know that you love the game or you might not even be playing.  We also know that you have had good times and bad times on the golf course, and even at the range…unless you are a real beginner.  Everyone goes through all the ups and downs of golf.  That what golf is all about, the ups and downs, i.e., the ball goes up, the ball comes down, and goes in the hole.

Another huge question for you is… When you swing the club, does the ball go up in the air and come down where you want it to on a consistent basis?  Or is it just going in a relative general direction towards the target?  How do you define the Self Worth of your Practice Sessions?

Moe Norman used to say this all the time.  ” To me a good golfer is one who can hit the ball to a defined target with the least amount of effort, but with and alert attitude of indifference.”,

Golf as a game is all about making the fewest amount of strokes possible!  Golf is about being outside in the fresh air.  Golf is about how you define your dedication to mastering something that seems at times to almost not want to be mastered.

Golf challenges us to become the best we can be.  And just like the movie ground hog day we are offered the chance to redo it until we GET IT RIGHT.  Comically enough, virtually every resource you can think to help you get better is out there for you.  But if you don’t avail yourself of those chances, how will you ever progress forward!

Getting better at golf is all on you, no one else can do it but you.  So my last question is this.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to do what ever it takes to become the best you can be?  Or maybe it is, that you don’t feel worthy enough that you can accomplish the task.  Or maybe you are just afraid seeing how good you can really get?  I am not saying that you are not worthy, if anything I am saying that you are worthy enough and you do owe it to yourself.  But you and you alone must answer the questions within this post.  You see it is you who has to look you in the mirror.

Become a student of the swing and the game, leave no stones unturned in progressing forward.  Seek out the best in information and instruction, and do whatever it takes to give it your best shot.  You know where to reach me when you are ready to begin your quest and journey.  I will be here, ready and waiting for you to come up and say okay Robb, let’s get started cause I have lots of questions.

Until that time comes, Happy Golfing my friends, and Have a great and wonderful day.

How well you focus and begin on Improving your Self Worth of Practice directly determines how fast you progress.  Isn’t it funny how this game we call Golf and Life resemble each other so very very much.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy.

Now here is that special surprise I promised at the beginning of this post

 Many thanks to Jack Kuykendall for posting this on you tube.  Even more thanks to Moe Norman for sharing his wisdom and allowing us to experience his greatness.  RIP Moe, everyone knows how much you valued and knew the meaning of Self Worth Of Practice.

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