The Littlest Things

Hello to all of my friends! How are you doing and what can I do to help you today?

Here is some food for thought.

Success is learn-ed habit. It is all bred within us to be successful. It is as simple as taking that first step in the right direction. Change and growth are inevitable. Writing and living Quantum Success Factor has taught me three primary things.

When you restructure your patterns to be more beneficial to all concerned, you end up doing things in a cooperative mode within the Universe. It is then that the Universe will cooperate back with you, enabling the changes to begin that you seek to happen.

Here is the list of the three things I have learned from Quantum Success Factor.

1. Changes will be “sudden and significant” which is the adjective for the word Quantum, and it will usually be the smallest thing that vaults you forward.

2. Success being a noun is “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors”.

3. Factor being a noun is defined as… “one of the elements contributing to a particular result or situation.”

What if you REVERSED the process? By accepting that there is one key element within you, that continually gives you favorable and prosperous endeavors, it is then that your changes will become Sudden and Significant and you will have found your Quantum Success Factor!

Most frequently it is the littlest of things that make the biggest difference.


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