Buying Golf Clubs

Hi Everyone;

Today’s lesson is on golf clubs.

I get this question frequently from those looking to begin playing golf.

“I am a beginner. What clubs should I buy?”

Well…The real question is how serious are you taking this?

As a Professional I want you to play the game for a long time, like the rest of your life, or least as long as you physically can.  Matter of fact I want your whole family to play.

My next question is, have you or are you now taking any golf lessons? If you are taking lessons, perfect…then get the advice from your local PGA Professional.

If your not, then find a PGA Professional located in your area and get some lessons. you can locate one online by clicking here (The PGA is changing their site some so be patient)

Golf is a game that will last you all of your life. It will create many new friendships and deepen relationships as you could never imagine.

From the standpoint of golf clubs. Getting your golf clubs first before lessons, is putting the cart before the horse.   Getting clubs is an intricate detailed process, consider first at how you want to approach this.

PGA Tour Professionals all have their clubs custom fitted, you should too.  That’s a portion of why they play so well.  And it is as cheaper than you may think.  Each persons swing is as individual as their set make up and design.

I am not nor have I ever been one, to just want to sell golf clubs, and I never will be.  Though there are some out there who do just that.  From my professional perspective, to do so would be a injustice to you.   PGA Professionals shy away from doing that.   And I certainly don’t know of any doctor who prescribes medication without seeing you first.

Most people try to fit their swing to their clubs, when it is really a reverse situation.   Matter of fact statistics show that a high majority of people who do get into golf buying clubs first, end up doing one of two things.

    1. Getting frustrated and quitting
    2. Jumping from sets of clubs to sets of clubs.

Had you gotten your lessons first, you most assuredly could have altogether avoided any additional expense for clubs and gotten way more enjoyment from the game and learning process.

Personally, I ALWAYS have an initial consultation with any new golf lesson clients, no matter how experienced they are as a golfer.  Those who come to me are advised to do this one thing first.   Get your lessons before your clubs.   It actually reduces your expenses in the long run because; with lessons your swing will change and become better developed.   This will avoid for a need to change clubs later on as you progress.  The old adage is the clubs don’t make the swing, but you can fit them for your swing.

Look at it from the standpoint of this…you are buying something to use that is going to last you a very long time.  Use common sense and get LOCAL Professional Advice.   NO I am not saying to go to a sporting goods store or a dept store.   That would be like going to K-mart to buy an 18 Wheeler Big Rig.

Go to your local golf course and ask to speak to the Head Professional.   Tell him you need his professional advice, that you need to speak with him, or someone on his staff that will guide you through the process of becoming a golfer.  And pay him for his time.

I know you’re intelligent people out there.   As I mentioned before, just use common sense and be smart about your decision.

Until next time, Happy Golfing and Have a Great Day

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional

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