30 Golf Lessons on One Website!

Let me start off by telling you a little about myself.?? I have been retired for over 10 years and have gotten my full of travelling and now spend most of my time reading, playing golf and smoking cigars.??

This leaves me with lots of free time so I am looking for a hobby.?? I need something that will occupy my time, challenge the mind, and not cost me too much since I live on a fixed income now.

Since I have a computer I decided maybe I should start a blog.? It will give me a mental challenge and also allow me to enjoy myself while I smoke my cigars.??

Before I developed any website or blog I did a little research about different niches.? Some folks said I should look at what is making the most money online.? However, the only thing that seems to make any money online is porn and I am not really into that subject.? Others said I should look at what people want to know.? The only thing I could offer there is my business knowledge so I tried that for a while and it did not seem like too many people were interested.?

Finally, someone suggested that I develop a blog and write about a subject I loved and knew something about.? Therefore, I decided on golf, and more specifically about golf instruction or golf lessons.

You see I am not a great golfer, however at 76 I have been playing the game for over 30 years?over the years I have taken different kinds of golf lessons and instruction. Some were good and some did not work well.? I took many private lessons from a pro.?? I also purchased all kinds of books, magazines, and DVD’s on golf.?? Sometimes I needed to improve my swing, other times it was my chipping or putting.? It was never any one thing through the years.

So you see even though I am not a professional golfer you can say that I know something about being on the receiving end of golf lessons or golf instructions.? And that is why I finally decided to build a web site offering golf lessons or instruction on every part of the golf game.

I build a website offering the best golf lessons online.? It is one website with 30 golf lessons by golf professionals.? It covers golf swing instruction, golf tips, golf drills, correcting a slice, junior golf instruction, golf grip, chipping, golf instruction lessons, golf irons, golf instruction on driving long and straight, golf downswing, golf equipment, golf instruction for women, golf instruction for seniors, golf cart battery guide, putting, instruction on the short game, the golf mental game, the power swing, the golf swing test, the golf swing secret, understanding the golf swing, timing and tempo, how to swing like a pro, full swing fundamentals, hitting the ball down the middle, hitting fairways, how to break 80 without practice, and golf conditioning.

Pretty Awesome!? Thirty golf lessons, the best I could find online, and now I have assembled them all in one place within the reach of a click.? Plus I have placed some You Tube Golf Videos and RSS feeds on the site.? Informative, convenient and practical!?

I must add that while doing my research I purchased some of these lessons for my own use and as a result I was able to cut 7 strokes off my handicap. So I have already received some benefit as a result of my work.? In any event it is all there for you and I am sure you will be impressed and find benefit in what you discover.

Good Luck!

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