5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Golf Lessons

As we begin the New Year and everyone is re-evaluating the past year in all areas of their lives, one question that comes to mind is how can I get the most out of my golf lessons? Obviously you need to have a competent golf instructor. However, you do bear some of the responsibility on your progress as well. Here are five ways to get the most out of your golf lessons:

1. Find a qualified golf instructor to get the most out of your golf lessons. Many courses are allowing many different people to teach at their facility. You should find a PGA Member. In order to become a PGA Member this individual has been through and passed testing through the Professional Golfers Association of America. Do not be afraid to ask them before you even schedule a lesson, what their theories on teaching the game of golf are and how they came to that conclusion. If the information makes sense, is logical and you feel comfortable talking to this person, schedule a lesson. If you begin taking lessons from an instructor and do not feel you are getting it, do not be scared to let them know that you do not understand. It is their challenge to help you understand and if you still do not, then do not feel uncomfortable looking for another instructor.

2. Be on time and already warmed up for your golf lessons. Although this sounds simple and like common sense, you would be surprised how many students are literally running to the tee. Getting there early and having time to warm up does a couple of positive things for you. First it simply gives you the entire scheduled time with your instructor that you are paying for! Second, by being able to warm up prior to your lesson, it allows you to slow down and calm down your body as well as your mind.

3. Keep a golf journal or notebook about your golf lessons. Big surprise here, but the ladies are much better about this than the guys are. At the end of each lesson, take a minute for the instructor to review the information covered in the session. This way you can review the material when you come to practice on your own. You will also be able to spot tendencies over a period of time and be able to address these with your instructor.

4. Practice on your own in between your golf lessons. If you have not had time to practice since your last lesson, the instructor will not really be able to move on and will cover the same material. You then feel like you have had the same lesson, because you have, and wonder how come you are not improving as fast as you would like.

5. Use your golf lessons to cover all aspects of the game of golf with your instructor. Do not assume that you need to go to the driving range for every single session. The game has other aspects than just the full swing. You will need to learn how to putt, chip and to pitch the ball as well. If you decide that a series of lessons is the best way to go then make sure that the time is split between all areas of the game. If the instructor does not think that is a good idea, find another instructor.

Use these five tips on how to get the most out of your golf lessons to improve your game and lower your handicap.

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