Lifes Analogies

When Teaching, I use a lot of life’s analogies.  That always leads into the situation of being asked how Golf and Life correlate to each other.

It never ceases to amaze me at how we all forget the simple logical things in life.

In golf we have certain rules to abide by…the same goes for life.

We already know that there is no way possible, for anyone to play eighteen holes of golf in one round, and make 18 legitimate holes in one.   Unless your at a par three golf course, your chances are pretty slim it’s going to happen.

Hence we have been given the fact that there are no shortcuts here.  There is no way to make that happen.  Now going to the extreme here…there is no way man can swim like a fish, or fly like a bird.  We need artificial devices to help us accomplish these feats of excellence.

In my new book  “G.O.L.F – Game of Life First”  you will see direct examples of what I am talking about.  The book is due to be released in the summer of 2010.  do Keep your eyes peeled fro updates and as the release gets closer…who knows you might just win one of the first 10 signed and numbered copies.

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