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Golf Equation – Brings a Student Win

Golf Equation – Brings A Student Win

Hard Work Pays off with a win on the golf course using Golf Equation

So I am sitting here writing things for the new website and book when one of my students comes up and says “I WON “

The look on his face was pure elation and joy and he is just a literal chatter box about it right now.  I am happy and pleased for him and more so it continually verifies, that my students get results on the golf course when they apply the teachings that take place in our lessons together.

Steve is a dedicated student of the game and the real win for him comes from knowing that it is he who created everything for himself to win.

A Little less than a year ago Steve came to me struggling with his game, he needed real help and he wanted it too.  He was at what I call the 25% – 30% ratio where only 25%-30% of his shots were headed anywhere in the direction of the pin.  today he is at about 80% and he gets better everyday that I see him.  Like most golfers, he still gets bothered with himself for not executing a shot correctly, but he certainly does not get as mad now, knows how to control his emotions and, NOW has the ability to right the ship so to speak when things go wrong.

That last sentence is an important part of everyone’s overall Golf Equation.

When you have the knowledge, you are able to use your experience as a guide.  In Steve’s case, His personal Golf Equation brought him an unexpected win and his handicap is beginning to drop.

When Steve and I started this endeavor turned into friendship, his handicap was hovering around 17 and going up fast.  Luckily we matched up pretty good as coach and student and the success has been fun and great.  His scores haven’t changed all that much, but then again he has only really played sporadically in between vacations and work.  Steve says that his ball striking is the best it’s ever been, now he wants to focus more upon the scoring end and hitting more fairways.  To me as a PGA Professional and Coach, this is a great sign that he has upped his commitment level and is ready to move forward, we should start to see him win more very soon.

When you are faced with the decision of Finding and Developing your own personal Golf Equation, things begin to change.  Sometimes that change takes a longer process than you would normally like, other times not, but it is inevitable that IF you stick with the program, you will see change and improvement.

So far in 2012, as a PGA Professional, Coach and Instructor, my students have grown leaps and bounds.  Student accomplishments include 2 aces within 3 weeks of each other, one student qualified for a professional event, two separate wins, 4 rounds under par, 2 Juniors are playing on the varsity team now, and I have five students that are hitting past me by some 30 -40 yards.  But they haven’t beat me yet, that being said I think I need to practice more.

For more information on developing your own personal Golf Equation, contact me here through this website.  Or you can just as easily click here and book your lessons .

Until the next time.  Hit em long, straight, and as few times as possible on the golf course.  Happy Golfing and Have a great Day

Way to go Steve…Congrats on your win

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy

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