Ball Flight Law & Physics #1

Ball Flight Law & Physics

HI all;

It is a common occurrence that people will approach me and ask, “How do you hit the ball so consistently straight?” Can you show me how to do that?

Well, it really is not all that hard to do when you think about it. All I am really doing is making sure I am in the proper positions at impact to make the ball go straight. So what are those proper positions at impact?

Well the first position I make sure of, (and I am extremely aware of this position) is my club face position at impact. To me this is the first ball flight law. I am doing everything I can to make sure that my clubface is square. By doing this I am giving myself a better chance at getting the ball to go towards the target on a straight line.

I know this sounds so elementary and I am not meaning it to be condescending, but when you think about it. It really is the most important ball flight law, and without it you are just moving the ball forward with no purposeful direction.

Here is what is comical, it is the first thing you do and check when you initially grip the club. So if it is the first thing you check, why would you not make certain it maintains its position throughout the whole swing?

Now you might be thinking right now that I not telling you anything different then you have already heard. And that may be true. But if every pro is saying it to then why do you keep trying to do it differently?

Most of my students love me for one main reason, I don’t color it. I just tell it like it is. The reason I do this is because I get paid to do a job, that job is to get you and your golf game better. And I know, that you know, that you would rather have me tell you the truth, then to lead you on a path of don’t worry it will be ok.

I stopped looking for the why any person try’s to prove professionals wrong and do it in their own fashion, many years ago. All we want to do is help you get better, it makes no sense at all to hire us to fix you then not take our advice. Now granted not all teachers teach the same way, and not all students learn the same way either, and not every person can put themselves into the correct positions that will make it viable for them to make a great golf swing. BUT…everyone and I mean everyone can certainly do the proper things for themselves that use ball flight laws to their advantage. And that is what this post is really all about.

The following is purely my thought upon how golf is both learned and taught. From a teacher’s perspective, most teachers address the problem of what is wrong with the swing rather than looking at how a golf swing is affecting BALL FLIGHT LAWS.

I am going to leave everyone with the thought of the above paragraph to ponder on until my next post.
In it you will find very simple descriptions of ball flight laws and how they affect the ball.

Until next time, hit it long, straight, and as few times as possible on the golf course. Happy Golfing and Have a great Day

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