Beginner Golf Lessons-Worth Your Time?

You may ask yourself…Why take beginner golf lessons?Novice golfers find that no matter how hard they practice there swing never improves.Frustration and lack of interest follow and many give up their game before thay have a chance to become successful.Golf Lessons are very important,some would argue that point,after all how difficult can it be to hit a ball with a club?.

Well actually it is very difficult,without proper discipline bad habits will creep in, slowing down your learning curve.The point i am making is that when you start out correctly and see signs of progress,you will naturally strive to become even better and the chances of you becoming a great golfer increase dramatically.

If you were to enter the golf course without preparation you will quickly realize that everyone is an ‘expert’.Now don’t get me wrong there are some good players out there,but the fact remains they all have weaknesses in their game but without hesitation they will tell you what you are doing wrong in your swing, how to fix that slice and keep your head down.Inevitably you will learn their bad habits.

Hopefully this reinforces my point of how important beginner golf lessons are.Let us not forget that our bodies are made up of? bones, joints, muscles and tissue brought into movement by neural connectors from the brain.The body can move in 1000’s of different ways, and the swing is impossible to calculate the movements necessary to pull off a perfect shot.If you are not comfortable witn the thought of taking golf lessons,there are other options available to you.

I appreciate that taking beginner golf lessons can be daunting to a novice,and also quite expensive,so my advice would be to use self-help books and dvd’s as an alternative in learning the game of golf, they offer step by step advice on all aspects of the game which can of course be done at home..They will show you the correct posture and swing pattern you should be using to improve your game.Many will also use what is known as? golf swing analysis software,as the name suggests, this will advise you on areas that need improving with your golf swing.

Only your desire will decide how far you will get in is this same desire that will control your destiny! This is the fuel that will allow you to take the necessary steps to stardom or whatever your goal is.Remember the most important point and that is ‘TAKE ACTION’.If you do nothing you will get nothing.

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