Finding The Best PGA or LPGA Professional For Golf Lessons


“Finding the Best PGA or LPGA Professional for Golf Lessons”

So now that you have finally decided to start taking lessons what’s next?  finding the right PGA or LPGA Professional is what is the next step.  First let me clear something up for you.

You may have noticed that in a good portion of my posts I keep mentioning PGA and LPGA.  Why do I do this?  To be short sweet and simple, I personally know what we go through for training and CONTINUING Education.  This is not to say that teachers who are not PGA or LPGA are not qualified.  there are both a few teachers out there who are very qualified.  But there are also a few schools out there, that specialize in training someone to become a teacher and only a teacher, not a PGA or LPGA Professional.  But  in either case those instructors, nor those schools are recognized by either the PGA or LPGA.

From personal past experience while a few of these unattached professionals are satisfactory teachers, I have to ask myself the question of…”If they are so willing to become a professional golfer then why do they not join and become members of the organizations that promote the game of golf the most.?”  The PGA and LPGA holds their member professionals to the highest of ethical standards, integrity, respect, and education.

Before someone can become a PGA or LPGA Member, they ALL must pass certain tests, and fulfill certain requirements of being an apprentice, and this is just in order to be considered for membership.  Make no mistake it is a very expensive, not to mention a long and arduous process.  At minimum, it is four years of just learning the business of Golf.  Even AFTER they have fulfilled those requirements, they still must go through a personal interview, and prove to a panel of other members, that they are qualified to become elected to membership.  And it is that interview committee that directly holds the fate of many professionals.

Unfortunately for you, no one has probably ever described this to you.  And that is exactly why I am doing this in this post.  Again, this is not to say that there are Golf Professionals who teach, who are or are not qualified to teach.  There are some that have no affiliation to any organization and they are tremendous teachers.  But statistically, that amount is very small.

Again, being professionals, would it not make sense, they would join and support one of the Professional Organizations that set the standards for Education and Professionalism?   And if they cannot join, then I would have to ask myself why they can’t join. Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Professional Speakers, etc., are all members of their respective organizations and they have the proper credentials to prove it.

I am not to sure about you, but I certainly wouldn’t take a Rolls Royce to a Chevy Dealer for repairs, unless I had no other choice.  Nor would I go to an accountant for heart surgery.  Yes I know I am being brutal, and it really is not meant to rile any feathers.  More what I am doing is educating you and imparting to you to ask this simple question.  If by not joining their respective organizations because of whatever personal reason, are they totally dedicated to the Profession of being a Professional Golfer?  And if not, then how dedicated could they ever be with your golf swing?

This is not being Judgmental, it really is only a question of who you want to have giving you your golf lessons.  The next question would have to be, what type of background and education do they have the qualifies them to be an instructor?  PGA and LPGA Professionals are passionate and proud to be a part of the game and industry that we all so dearly love, and we are here to promote the game of golf.

Find a passionate teacher wherever you are, and you will find one that will give you everything they have and nothing less.  So to once again address the queried statement of  “Finding the Best PGA or LPGA Professional for Golf Lessons”  Do your research first to find the PGA or LPGA Professional you want and make them your friend.  You will be much happier for it down the road.  Pick someone you FEEL can and will MENTOR you to the game of your life.

Until Next time, hit em long, straight, and as few times as possible, Happy Golfing and have a Great Day!

Robb Nunn, PGA Professional

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