Buying Great Golf Lessons. How solid is your relationship with your Pro?

When it comes to Buying Great Golf Lessons, how solid is your relationship with your Pro?

All too many times I see people buying golf lessons without putting any real thought behind it.

Much like clothing, shoes, a car, a house, or any other long term investment in yourself, you would do yourself a large favor in investigating and interviewing the professional you are considering. You might be asking why, as all you want to do is learn how to swing and play golf.

Well, there is a lot to this, true professionals care more about you than your game. As a PGA Professional, we have a motto as governed by the PGA Of America and all Members adhere to the following creed.

“Dedicated to the ideal that the name “Professional Golfer” shall be a synonym and pledge of honor, service and fair dealing and that their professional integrity, fidelity to the game of golf, and a sense of great responsibility to employers, employees, manufacturers, golfers, and fellow golf professionals transcends thought of material gain in the motives of the true Golf Professional” (copyright PGA of America)

PGA Members are held to a strict Code of Ethics, the PGA constitution and by-laws make us hold not just ourselves but each other accountable. We are dedicated to growing the game of golf and we cannot do that without looking out for your best interests as a golfer. We are the experts who have only one goal. Making sure that golf is growing and remains here forever.

Here are some tips and questions for you to ask when researching WHO to start taking lessons from.

1. How established are they as a professional
2. How sound are their own fundamentals of the golf swing
3. Does they practice what they teach and preach
4. How often do they play and do they play with you on occasion.
5. How busy as an instructor are they
6. How well can they demonstrate the effects of what they teach
7. Do they guarantee their instruction (this is key)
8. Do they offer refunds on their lessons (another big key)
9. Are they willing to refer you to another professional if they or you feel there is not a good match
10. Are they humble to their own shortcomings as a player
11. Are they continually educating themselves on other techniques
12 Are they open minded to other styles of teaching and instruction
13. How deep is their resource panel of other professionals and experts
14. Do they use other professionals and include them in helping you progress
15. How deep is their passion for your swing
16. Do they always give you extra time aside from what you pay for and go that extra mile
17. Are they a full time teacher constantly improving and developing their skills
And Finally
18. Are they all about your becoming the best you can be first

What I am really asking here is are they fully committed to your success and do they have a 110% commitment to that.
I am not in any way discounting those who have other duties as Golf Professionals at their respective golf courses. And I am certainly not discounting other professionals from other organizations. Nor am I questioning their abilities as professionals and teachers. As we all know, not all personalities mesh. And there are some really good teachers out their who not affiliated to any organization.

I just know what is required for someone to become a PGA Professional. And it is a very specific and stringent set of guidelines. And the continuing educational requirements in order to remain a member, is more demanding than any other professional organization that I know of. Fifty Four Continuing educational credits every three years is pretty strong. For you college grads, you know what that takes. And for Certified and Master Professionals it is even higher, try doubling the requirements.

And there are companies that won’t even consider hiring for a position if a person doesn’t have PGA or LPGA Credentialing.

For you, I am only asking this one simple question. How dedicated is your pro to your success as a golfer. True Professionals will go to the nth degree for your happiness as a golfer. And I know many that have had disagreements with owners of facilities over what is best for their clientele and members. Some have even given up very good paying positions out of nothing more than principle, self included. These are the professionals that care more about the game than the business. Though we are all aware and understand that golf is big business.

What it all boils down to is this, Are they your friend and there as more than just a Golf Instructor. If they are not, then find one who is and begin building that relationship, and experience the joys of a lifetime that only golf as a game can give. I have clients that are friends all over the world. Ones that I can break bread with if they come here or I go there, and not have anything to do with golf.

The clients that I look for are the ones that I can grow old with. And this may just be the instructor that you should find, as they will become more than just a teacher to you.

Well that is all for now. Have fun out there! Until next time.
Hit em long and straight and as few times as possible and by all means happy Golfing and Have a Great and Wonderful Day.

Robb Nunn,
PGA Professional

You can reach me via my website

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