Can A Golf Lesson Dvd Really Help Me?

Are you one of the thousands wondering whether a golf lesson DVD can really help you? I was dubious at first but when a friend gave me a golf lesson DVD I thought I’d try it out. I can tell you I was pretty impressed with the result.

When a buddy lent me a golf DVD that he promised would help my game I thought I had better give it a try. I’m glad I did!

For improving my putting, it was really good. I Just put the DVD on in my living room, got out the practice putting mat and I was away.

It didn’t help as much with the driving and long irons, not until I took my laptop to the driving range with me!

Having the laptop with the DVD with me at the driving range was like having my own teacher there with me.

It really helped me concentrate and make the most out of my practice time. Every time I took a break I would sit down and watch it.

I soon had quite a few people sit down with me and watch too! As you might expect in the following weeks I wasn’t the only one with a laptop and golf DVD!

It’s no substitute for a real teacher, but it’s the next best thing, and I don’t need so many lessons with the pro anymore!

I would have to say that I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their golf and save some money to get some golf lessons via DVD!

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