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Golf Ball Dimples

Golf Ball Dimples and Design aka

Learning to Fly:

NOW this is something that everyone wants to do, Learn to fly, for some of us, just getting the ball to soar higher and farther than anyone in our group is good enough.  But hey, everyone already knows that Golf Ball Dimples aid us in this, so why the quick clip? My guess was to make it simple.

To aid us in this journey, Titleist produced a video back in late 2014.  I guess it was pretty obvious, that there are enough questions about golf ball and dimple design, that they chose to make a little movie about it.

While I could go on for a week full of Sunday’s on this one.  The technology on balls has advanced so much, that it is better to let the experts in golf balls at Titleist guide you along.  Now if only they could bring the cost of the PRO V and ProV1 down all will be wonderful in golf land.

It’s a great little video from Titleist on golf ball dimples and their effect on flight of the ball.

Instead of you having to do all the research into golf ball dimples to find the link or page. It is right below.

Alternatively, you can click here.

To Team Titleist … I and everyone else thanks you.  Copyright usage to the video are of courtesy and belong to Titleist.

Happy Golfing and have a wonderful day.


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