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HI Everyone;

Here is another question I was recently queried on.

“I am 5’8, 175 lbs, 49 years old and in good shape. I am a 12 handicap. I have a relatively slow swing speed. People tell me I have great tempo. I estimate I am flying the ball with a very high trajectory, very straight, about 220 yds off the tee with about a 10 yard roll. I am playing a TM Tour Burner driver with 10 degree of loft, regular shaft, 65g. I’m not happy with this distance. Is this a good distance for my age? I’d love to pick up more distance without swinging harder and possibly lose accuracy.”

Well to answer your questions. YES it is an acceptable distance, and YES it can be improved. And yes there are even PGA Tour players who only hit it about 250. But I do have some questions to ask.
And just to let you know, you are not alone in clearing this hurdle, but you can clear it.


Can you tell me more about you, where your located at, your Club set make up i.e., custom fitted or no?

Is it possible that you can have a friend video you that I can view. If so, please contact me through my website https://www.robbnunn.com

I am positive that we can get this fixed to your liking. And with today’s technology we could actually do this via the Internet, Or if you are in Southern California we can meet.

There are several things I can think of, but I would like to see a few things before I make any formal determinations. PS. If you do decide to video yourself, and I hope you do. I have a great suggestion for you on that as well, and I only need about 10 minutes of video total. Again contact me first before you film it though, there are certain things I need to see in the video. And the time of day you shoot it is critical as well.

At the risk of the preliminary viewing of your swing. What other types of driver flexes and lofts have you tried, (hint), If you are hitting it as you estimate with a very high trajectory, and getting very little roll. That is a significant clue you MAY have the wrong face angle, or shaft flex, or club in your bag. Though it could also signify a swing change may be needed.

Also another thing to look for is, what ball you are using? A softer ball will allow you to compress it more, that in itself will create more distance.

Try this suggestion next time you hit balls. Grip it a little bit firmer, it will give you better control of the club, and also create a more solid shot. My theory is in this question…How firmly would you hold a baseball bat, tennis racquet, or hammer? I know it goes what most everyone says…but think about it. What better way to control the club and face then through grip pressure.

If you are NOT in the Southern California area. Have you approached your local PGA Professional in the area you do live? IF you are in So Cal., then contact me and we can make arrangements to meet. Sometimes, just going for a in depth club fitting that uses computer analysis fixes everything. Keep in mind, I am saying in depth, not the one you get in a store.

Complete fittings take time and are worth their weight in gold. If you have never had one, they are very enlightening. From the perspective of a instructor, mentor, and friend. It is a requirement of all my students, that at some point in time they all do this, and I have specific people I send them to.

The reason for this is to actually reduce your long term expenses, and it will do that dramatically. Properly fit clubs can and should last you a very long time. Most golfers end up buying the latest fad in clubs going through a mini fitting in, only to find out in a few days, weeks, or months the club they thought was the golden key was actually not their perfect fit.

Again, if you are not located in Southern California, You would do yourself very well, to build YOUR OWN TEAM OF EXPERTS, to assist you in your quest for better golf.


Here are the people you will need to take you into that zone you seek.

A PGA Professional (I can find if you need)
A Certified Club Fitter with the appropriate tools to find your load factors. (The PGA has a specified certification for this as well)
A Physical Trainer
And a mental coach…(I already have that one for you)

Well I hope that I have both answered your questions and enlightened you some. should you need anything else, please contact me through my website at https://www.robbnunn.com

Closing statement: Distance is important, but not everything. If you have the ability to reach most par fours in two your doing well, because all you have to do is grab a longer club for your approach shot. Keep things simple, and by all means use common sense. It will help you lower your score. I have faith that you can do it.

One last question though… Can you see my passion for golf, and helping you get better at it?

Happy Golfing and have a Great Day. I’ll See you on the links.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional

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