Finding Golf Lessons For A Great Price

Finding Golf Lessons at great prices is relatively easy… If you know where to look and what to ask for.

I am all about teaching the golf swing and game.  Frequently and especially during the current economy right now.

One of the secrets is knowing who and how to ask.  With the exclusion of golf schools and a few management companies that run the golf instruction programs.  You will find that almost every golf pro out there is an independent contractor, again, there are exceptions to the rule so be aware.

The one major difference is this, how busy they are.  If you have an instructor who is already giving 50 or more lessons per week, it is only one of two signals.  He is really good at teaching or, he is not that good and his lessons are coming back because they have a lot invested into a series of lessons.  There is a third signal here as well, and that signal is they may not want to fluctuate on pricing.

So how can this benefit you?  I can say this wholeheartedly.  when it comes to golf lessons…”You Get What You Pay For”.  That being said, I would lean towards the side of paying the higher cost versus the lower one, as the instructor may or may not be as versed as you might need.

Another reason is their commitment towards the art and craft of teaching.  Higher priced instructors are normally busy and might not be able to fit you in for  a few weeks.  So not only are you paying a higher price but you are having to wait to get your instruction and that 30 day window that you wanted to improve might already be gone once you do get started.

Much like my last post, you should really do your due diligence and interview them.  From a personal perspective I recommend calling up a local pro and ask to meet with them.  Offer to pay for an hour of their lesson time and just talk to them.  You will be very surprised at the result.

As a teacher, I don’t just take on any client without spending at least 30 minutes to an hour away from hitting balls.  And I do this on purpose.  To me it more important to have a game plan for improvement and success.   You can hit balls anytime.  And I also want to know more on how the client thinks and reacts.  This in turn allows both parties to pick the brain of each other and find out if they are comfortable together.  That in itself is well worth more than the cost of any golf lesson.

So for the cost of a half hour or hour lesson, you can pick your local golf pros brain and never even hit a ball.  Another thing that happens here is, it sends a signal to the pro at how serious and interested you are in making your game better.  That in turn will get them more interested in you and your game.

Never ever settle for less than you are entitled to when it comes to lessons.  And price is not always an indicator of a great lesson.  I know of a certain company who will remain anonymous that charges thousands for their golf instruction and they go through pros like water.  Even worse is that the success rate between student and teacher is like 25%.  So the student has dumped all their hard earned money into high priced lessons that are not effective, and in reality the only entity that made out is the company the pro worked for.

This more times than not leaves the student soured to the process and they have this attitude that all golf pros are the same.  When in reality had the student done some minor research they may have  found a pro who would have given the double what they paid for the same amount of money.  Matter of fact my lessons are so competitively priced that other pros have chastised me for it.

From a teaching and business perspective I would rather have a lot of lessons then not have any at all.

Here is a sample of what I am talking about.  When you done looking at this. take a look at my pricing.  My Prices are on my product and services page.  You decide which is the better value.

Swing Evaluation Session (Eval)This 60-minute session will identify the major swing flaws and start you on the path to better golf. A personal improvement gameplan will be created to show the various steps you’ll need to take along the way. $195
Holiday Improvement PackageThis gift package only offered during the Holidays includes the Swing Evaluation Session as well as a 30-minute follow-up lesson to be sure the golfer on your list is on the path to improvement. $249
Premium Holiday Improvement PackageThis premium Holiday offer includes the Swing Evaluation Session as well as THREE 30-minute follow-up lessons. $369
Eval + 3 Month Improvement PlanIncludes 10 lessons, 3 month in-bay practice, Set Analysis and Game Tracking 10% $1096
Personal Club Fitting – ComponentIn a 60-minute Personal Club Fitting, personal, brand and inventory biases are eliminated as over 1,000 club options are filtered to precisely match a player’s clubs to their swing. Use for irons or driver components. $99
Personal Club Fitting – Full BagIn this 2-hour Personal Club Fitting, personal, brand and inventory biases are eliminated as over 1,000 club options are filtered to precisely match a player’s clubs to their swing. $345

Oh and FYI.   Everything extra listed that this company charges for i.e, club fitting.   I include it automatically for free.   OK enough of that I don’t want to seem to critical of them.  I only know this.  If they are charging high prices, chances are you are not getting your money’s worth.

I want you to go out and play golf.  How could you afford to do that if you don’t have any money left after your lessons?  OK Enough of that.

The whole point here is this.  With a little research and negotiation, you can ultimately get what you cam for and that is to find affordable lessons.

Until next time.  Hit em long, straight and as few times as possible.   Happy Golfing and have a Great Day.

If you are in the Southern California Area, book a lesson with me.  You will undoubtedly see a huge difference in how you strike the ball and play, and yes it will be better.  I guarantee it and we stay with it until it is fixed.  So click on the Tungle on the top left of this page and book the lesson.  You can also pay online as well and that is actually recommended.  It’s fast, easy, safe and secure.

Robb Nunn,

PGA Professional.

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