Golf Lessons Online

Golf Lessons Online

With the advent of the internet and cell phones we now have the ability to take and send videos of our golf swing immediately.

If you are going to do this, make sure that you take the video views from these two distinct positions.

Down the target line and facing the camera, these are the two critical directions we as teachers look at.
Another thing to consider is the resolution and size. The bigger the better as your instructor will get to see more.

The great thing about doing this is it allows us to give you feed back without us being there. The drawback is that is not as immediate as us being there. A Second drawback is that we may not have the chance to film something to send back to you. Not all teachers have the ability that I have in being able to convert, edit and attach a second video to your original. And not all videos that you send via your phone will be in the same resolution or even be able to be edited.

Your best bet if you are going to do this with your instructor is to set up some simple guidelines for what type and how depth the instruction you are going to get in return.

From an overall perspective, while I can view a video and even make a second video to send back, there really is no cost savings as we still have to get the video, view it, and then respond back with another video or audio and that still takes time to do. If we have to edit anything in a video that takes even more time, so all in all it will take more time to get the info back you are looking for versus if you had just come to see us. This is not to say that it cannot be done, only that it make not be cost effective.

For those of you who have an instructor who has specific types of software, this can be a different story as with my software I can record your swing, add the audio needed during the lesson, and then email it immediately. But you would have to view it at home or where ever your internet access is, and then you would have to do the drills at home. Though this can be very beneficial as you have a constant record of both where your swing was and the improvement you have gained.

Online golf lessons will definitely grow overtime and they really are still in their infancy. Unlike 5 years ago, they have grown very quickly but for most they really are not cost effective. And some of the bigger companies that offer this as a service are charging outrageous fees.

One company I know of is charging such a high rate, I am wondering how they stay in business. Their overhead is really high and the instructor turnover is high as well, so you could end up getting one instructor for a few lessons, and then have someone else teaching you a different theory if they leave.

To me this leads to student confusion and is not fair as, just about the time you get comfortable with one instructor, the company might do something that forces a change in how you take lessons by sending you to someone else.

Keep your eyes on this as more is coming.

Until next time, hit em long, straight, and as few times as possible, Happy Golfing and Have a Great Day.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional

PGA Professional Robb Nunn

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