Golf Club Weighting

Every hit a club where you felt the whole club all the way through the swing?

You know the one I am talking about, it’s where you felt like the weight of the club was helping you versus hindering you.
All too many times I here from clients and golfers in general that they are just not feeling it. Well what is it that they were not feeling? So I decided to AGAIN do a little trial and error on my own and this is what I found. I took a club where I could change the weighting around making it heavier or lighter as I saw fit. I was looking for that certain feel described above.

Know knowing that this is all too critical when it comes to making the swing we can all feel correctly, my little test came up with some of the following answers.

1. Properly weighted clubs develop confidence
2. Properly weighted clubs develop better ball striking habits
3. Properly weighted clubs distinctly produce a feel that invokes a powerfully delivered blow to the ball
4. Properly weighted clubs make the player SWING AT and TOWARDS the target
5. Properly weighted clubs INSTILL the I can hit this shot with ease.

So let me describe my testing phase.

I took numerous clubs, all of different OVERALL club weighting. I tinkered with shaft weights, head weights, and grip weights. In a most recent test, I added significant weight to the club head. This produced the feeling of the club going more on an outward path, with my hands going away from the body thereby getting me to FULL EXTENSION through the shot (which is what I like).

So I took a driver and tinkered with the head weighting scenario. After hitting 200 balls, this is what happened.
1. My swing speed actually increased
2. My club head speed increased
3. My distance increased
4. My accuracy increased
5. My trajectory became more consistent and to my visual preference i.e. boring shots that cut through the wind.
6. My subsequent Iron shots also did all of the same above and became more crisp
7. My overall distance increased some 10 yards on average from the 9 iron and up. ( I am already maxed out with the wedges)

Now I know what your thinking, but a heavier club will slow things down. You are correct there, a club that is TOO HEAVY will slow you down. BUT, and I do mean BUT here. What if by slowing down, you became more in CONTROL?
Now there’s a significant thought. LOL, how many times is someone saying to you SLOW YOUR SWING DOWN?

Well what if the clubs you have are actually too light for you, AND what if you had your clubs designed to do be slightly heavier to give you BETTER control? This is definitely one of things that makes you go hmm.

If your clubs are too light, would it not make you swing to fast and out of control?
What if in the effort to gain club head speed and swing speed you mistakenly went the opposite direction by going too light?

My recommendation and your lesson practice for the week is this. Get a lessons or two and tinker some with your local PGA / LPGA professional and find that perfect weighting for your DRIVER first, then and only then should you look at having your golf clubs weighted and flighted for your individual game. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Remember heavier may temporarily slow your swing speed / club head speed down, but it will overall give you better control and ultimately it will increase your speed and you will be getting stronger from swinging heavier clubs. The thought you should go into this with is…think about what you feel when swinging the heavy weighted warm-up club that is sold everywhere. I won’t mention any names on that one, but you know which one I am talking about.

Until the next time.
Hit em long, straight, and as few times as possible, happy golfing and have a great day.
See you on the lesson tee.

Robb Nunn
PGA Teaching Professional
Lake Forest Golf And Practice Center

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