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Let’s look at the popularity of golf lessons.

In some circles golf lessons are very popular and in others they are not.  And there are a myriad of scenarios that fit each and every individuals belief structure.  Those who consider them popular are of the positive mindset that learning and having a PGA or LPGA Professional and personal coach is a fundamental necessity to positive growth of their golf game.  Those who consider them unpopular are of the mind set they are not a necessity.  OK, to each their own.

It really is pretty simple, but all in all we have different ways to look at it.  In this post we will look at a few generalities towards the importance and popularity of golf lessons.  I will give you positives and negatives.  This hopefully will allow you to make a more informed decisions when it comes to golf lessons, and how to deal with PGA or LPGA Professionals when it comes to your swing.  So here are some general types of many different situations, that we as Professionals must take into account on a daily basis, though I know there are more.

Positive popularity of lessons

Individuals who take lessons are wanting to improve, they are open minded to growth and the possibilities of using golf as not only recreation, but also as a tool for business.  I constantly remind executives to the benefits of golf as a tool, when I am called in for corporate coaching.  And there is a myriad of benefits for all concerned.  In Short, I can tell more about a person within three holes of golf, then I could ever tell sitting across a desk, or even breaking bread with them for the first time.

My father (rest his soul) showed me all of the benefits to golf as a business tool when I was younger, it is these lessons of life that I will always remember.

People normally only take lessons for one or two of four or five reasons and here are some of the most popular reasons they do.

1. Competitive spirit, they want to play better and beat their friends
2. They are using golf as an outlet for a medical condition such as hypertension.
3. They understand the benefits of golf from a long term personal perspective such as family and friends
4. They understand the benefits of using golf as a tool for business
5. They are a student of the game and love to take lessons to get better
While these are not all the positives out there, these are fairly good guidelines to make an informed decision and that is what we are talking about here.

Negative popularity of lessons

I have seen my share of individuals who have had the experience, of having one lesson that didn’t take, or wasn’t good, and they were suddenly soured to the whole idea of taking lessons.  It is unfortunate they encountered this and for them I feel bad.  Yet at the same time, in those situations, it then became my job to do a little extra work, convincing the skeptic that not all teachers are the same is not necessarily an easy task.  I do know this, if you come and see me for lessons, I promise you will leave very fulfilled with what we have accomplished.

People who are normally adverse to lessons for some of the reasons below, again I will list five but there are many more out there.

1.  Bad experience with past lessons
2.  Unaffordable, though most pros are more than open to work out any payment arrangements if you just ask.  (This becomes a ask and ye shall receive scenario)
3.  They are closed minded to the idea that lessons will help them at all, and this may stem from any one of a series of perceived reasons.
4.  They are of the mind set that they already know everything they can muster about the golf swing, and for whatever reason,
no one can tell them how to do it right.
5.  Their friends teach them for free.  (We all know where this goes)

Overall Consensus on Lesson Popularity

From an overall standpoint, golf lessons can be viewed as either positive or negative.  And it is all a personal decision.  From a teachers perspective, there really is no reason to not take lessons.  They help and assist you in becoming the golfer you want to be.

Let’s face it, if tour pro’s like Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, and Phil Mickelson can get lessons, you should too, it only makes sense.  They understand the importance of a coach and adding them into their team.

We already know you want to get better, or you wouldn’t be reading this.  So go find a PGA or LPGA Professional and get some help.   Another overall perspective that is proven is that golf lessons overtime, will dramatically reduce your overall costs in these three following areas.

1. Because you are playing better, and hitting the ball straighter, you will reduce the costs of lost golf balls
2. Because you are playing better, and gripping the club better, you will reduce your costs in worn out gloves
3. Because you are playing better, your instructor will have inevitably fit you with better clubs that suit your needs, and this reduces your costs in changing from one set of clubs to the next on a frequent basis.

So as you can see, from what you may spend in lessons you will save in costs of equipment.  All in all it’s a great deal.

Make sure you add all of these and my other posts into your own personal Golf Equation and you will see how it all adds up.

Until next time.   Hit em long, straight, and few times as possible, Happy Golfing and have a great day.
I’ll see you on the lesson tee.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
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