Golf Lessons For The New Year

Every person who plays golf wants to shoot a low score, but they often find themselves with a handicap that hovers in a certain range for a long period of time.

It is rare that someone drastically improves his or her game just by playing more often. Practicing at a driving range may help, but you are caught in the quandary of having to self-asses what you are doing right and wrong.

When many golfers decide to take the game seriously, they should seek out professional instructors for private golf lessons.

The Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) is comprised of members that are the instructors of the game of golf.

These instructors gained their certification to teach the game through years of studying various aspects of the game and golf course management, work programs including pro shop management, and they had to pass an aptitude test.

Additionally, these golf professionals must also keep up their credentials through ongoing continuing education programs.

Most golf lessons with a Pro take place, in hour-long sessions, at a golf course or driving range, or they could take place at a golf shop that houses a computer swing analyzer.

In addition to one-on-one lessons, many PGA professionals have begun to use video and computer technology to analyze the golfers swing.

Many of the professionals have taken advanced training classes to learn the biomechanics of the golf swing. Additionally, the pros can help you with the mental aspects of the game, and give practical advice.

You may find golf professionals in your local Yellow Pages phone book, or by going online to There you can find listings of local professionals that can schedule appointments to help you improve your game.

Private golf lessons from a PGA Professional can range in price between $50 and $100 per hour. However, these costs are generally reduced if the golfer chooses to purchase a package of multiple one-hour lessons over a period of time.

Many people have also started planning vacations around golf academies run by PGA professionals. These academies are often geared toward a full day of instruction, and often include several rounds of golf with the instructor.

It is prudent to shop carefully and ask questions when looking at golf academies because some are geared toward one-on-one instruction, and some are set up to instruct large groups of golfers at once, and may not come with the personal attention that one may desire.

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