Golf Lessons and your Golf Equation

In this post we will discuss Golf Lessons and the Need vs Desire of them.

Being a PGA Golf Professional and Instructor you might think that I am partial to anyone having golf lessons, and you are right, I AM.

But I AM also here to help you, and with that we are going to look at some short reasons as to why and also some reasons to not get lessons. As a PGA Professional I am dedicated to helping YOU figure out what YOU NEED to maximize your Golf Equation and have more fun playing Golf.

You see, personally I want you playing golf. It is more important to me that you are playing Golf and having fun vs beating balls and getting frustrated at higher scores. Will any changes take some effort, of course, and you have to put an honest effort into it, but it will not take as much as you may think.

Here are some quick bullet points in the for side of your Golf Equation.

  • Lessons will improve your game
  • Lessons will get rid of your frustrations
  • Lessons will give you greater understanding
  • Lessons will help you to shoot lower scores
  • Lessons will create great friendships
  • Lessons will reduce your overall costs (lost balls, frequent club changes, lost bets)

On the other side of your Golf Equation

  • I would never recommend golf lessons for someone who does not want to improve
  • I would never take on a client who will not practice to solidify their golf swing
  • I would never take money for a golf lesson if I suspect either of the two scenarios above
  • I would never consider a new student if they do not have an open mind of the changes
  • I would never recommend a change if it will physically harm someone
  • I would never jeopardize my professional standing just because some one wants a lesson
  • I would never risk my integrity over any of the above statements

There are many golfers out there who only want to go out and swing the club and hit the ball and that’s great. they want to improve but they really are just to stubborn and headstrong. These are the know-it-all’s and one’s with a high ego who feel that no one can tell them anything. While this may be good in some cases, it only leads to frustration for both the student and the Professional, and yes I have a few of those students over my career.

Since I believe in being positive towards change, and I know that change is inevitable, it is more important that I show you WHY Golf Lessons are a positive.

Whenever you begin lessons, it is all important that you get yourself in the positive frame of mind, that you are going to learn something that will HELP YOU. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the statement of…” the last time I took lessons the pro screwed me up” or ” it takes to much time to change” or and here is a good one “My friends are helping me along”

Here are my thoughts and replies on those statements.

  • Did you discuss with the pro as to why you were having a problem making the change?
  • Did you ask him for a different solution?
  • Your friends must be Professionals or low single digit handicappers that can give you solid advice on the golf swing
  • Think of how fun it will be to impress your friends with your new swing ?
  • I know your passionate about the game or you wouldn’t be out here trying to improve, HOW CAN I HELP YOU?

Not that your friends would take advantage of you, but we all know exactly how ruthless some can be when it comes to winning.

I met this one man who had playing golf with his work buddies for about one year. They were construction workers and he was the foreman. They played religiously every week or almost every week for all that time. I asked him how he got started in golf and he told me that his work buddies had gotten him started.

He was frustrated that he had only won a few times when playing with them and, he was certainly tired of always paying out lost bets and for beers at the end of the round. But he was grateful they got him to play and now wished he had started sooner.

We talked for about an hour and I showed him a few things, slowly the light bulb came on for him. All the while I was showing him the what’s and the why’s, and all the while he kept saying this is what they told him and showed him to do. He finally got it that his so called work buddies had been taking him to the cleaners for pretty good cash.

Now granted, they did show him about playing golf and the joys of it, and for that they are to be commended. But they also had an ulterior motive…CASH. So I suggested that he test the theory by not wanting to participate in any of their side games for a few weeks. I told him to watch their reactions and particularly how insistent they became at him playing in the side games. Then I told him to add up what he would have lost had he participated.

Four weeks later he came back and gave me the info, here are results.

  • He saved $250.oo in bets
  • He saved $150.00 in beer bets after the game
  • His score went down using my suggestions and he knocked 5 strokes off his game
  • The work buddies suddenly became unavailable to play with him
  • He was enjoying golf again
  • He understood the importance of lessons and signed up for a series

We got started on fixing his golf game and making it easier for him to swing and shoot lower scores. Within 2 months he was playing with them again, and now he was at least competitive enough not to lose at betting and had actually won a few side bets.

Yes they knew he was practicing, every time they made a suggestion, he just told them he tried that and it didn’t work for him. One day one of those co-workers came by to hit balls when he was getting a lesson. He saw us working together. The secret was out now…or so we thought. The other co-worker had seen the improvement and signed up for lessons also. And he kept quiet about it so now they had a shared secret and that brought them closer together as friends.

Eventually they all signed up for lessons and most recently, they took a week long Golf Vacation together to play in a amateur team event. they had a great time, and actually lead the tournament at one point, though they did not win. their goal for next year is to win. They have really gone a long way from taking advantage of each other both on and off the golf course. Their favorite game now is Bingle, Bangle, bongle and the most they bet is .25 cents. Oh and they have all improved to being single digit handicappers.

Now every time they see someone struggling with their golf game they send them over to me.

Oh, and this all began with a few free tips and lessons. Never once did I solicit for lessons other than to say how can I help you get better.

So from a stand point of how important are golf lessons, well, look at what it created above. It turned what could have been a catastrophic animosity in the work place of people maybe getting fired over personalities into a life long friendship and business partnership. And they all deal from a spirit of integrity now.

As always, Hit em long and straight and as few times as possible, Happy Golfing and have a great day.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
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