Golf Swing Stability

Golf Swing Stability – Your most important piece

When you are looking at your golf swing, have you ever asked yourself the question of, how solid is my foundation?

What is contributing to my golf swing stability?

Let’s get real here. I am always teaching the aspect of golf swing stability, and everyone of my students had heard me ask these four questions during any Golf Swing Instruction.

1. Q. Where is the strongest building on the face of the Earth?
A. Egypt = Pyramids they have only been there about 4000+ years and they are all still standing, and it doesn’t look like they are going to fall anytime soon.
2. Q. Would you ever build a house on narrow stilts?
A. Probably not = instability
3. Q. Would you ever build a house on loose footings?
A. Again Probably not = another form of instability
4. Q. So if you wouldn’t build a house on narrow stilts and you wouldn’t build a house on loose footings, then why would you build your golf swing on a narrow stance and move your feet around before impact?
A. You shouldn’t and I would HIGHLY ADVISE against it. It makes you over rotate AND…that causes you to over swing! Not to mention other various and obvious reasons of instability

So why would I ask these questions and give wise guy statements as answers?

I am not asking these questions or making these statements to be condescending or to insult people. I am only really asking them to get the light bulb to come on. I mean hey, that is what you pay me to do.  You pay me to teach you how to make a Proper Golf Swing.

We have three areas of the body that MUST be stable and firm before you even swing the club.  An if you want to improve your golf swing, you need to improve these areas.

1. Hands, wrists, and arms
2. Feet and legs
3. Head

Notice I did not say Frankenstein like or mega robotic. I said FIRM.

Now go take this information and apply it, then try this and let me know how it works for you. I am sure you will see improvement.  It will at the very minimum help you to make a correct golf swing.

I did not give you just the direct answers that would be too easy. So now you have a choice, you can go find this one out on your own, or you can always come see me for some lessons where you will get more detailed explanation and answers.

Always DO YOUR BEST…If you accept mediocrity in life of the things that you do, you will quite frequently GET IT. If you can’t give it your All, Then Don’t Give it At All.

A great example of this is, look at child birth. Name me a woman who did not give it her all in order for her child to be born. Or look at the soldier who chose to defend liberty at the expense of his/her own life. Or the football player who got permanently injured in a game. All of these are prime examples of someone giving their all and we all know there are many many more examples, some much less dramatic than others, but I know you get the idea.

When you suddenly begin to accept nothing other than the absolute best that life has to offer, you just as suddenly get that which you have chosen. And when it comes to you golf swing stability, you should always strive for the very best you can attain.

Funny how that works…isn’t it.

Until next time. Practice with a purpose, Hit em long, straight and as few times as possible while on the golf course.
Happy Golfing and have a Great Day

For more tips and swing thoughts, read more on my site at Golf Equation 

Robb Nunn
PGA Teaching Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy

Lake Forest Golf and Practice Center
Lake Forest, CA.

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