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Finding and Keeping your Golf Tempo

Ever had one of those days where everything was just off?  I know silly question, we have all had those days.  So the real question is when you are golfing, how do you find and keep your perfect golf tempo?

A simple way to do this is to step back and look at your attitude for that given moment in time.  Yes, your attitude is a key indicator to your golf tempo.  But this does get a lot of thoughts going as to how you can manage yourself and your golf tempo rhythm, it is all a part of your overall Golf Equation.  Let me give a few examples, these are quick, easy, obvious, and very general in nature.

  • You are running late for something = rushed and hurried
  • You are irritable for whatever reason = intolerant, you want it done and over with and I do mean right now
  • You have something big happening in your life that is looming (either positive or negative) = Fear of the unknown
  • And then there is that ( oh and this is the worst.) that dreaded go ahead and cut me off invisible bumper sticker on the front of your car… that everyone and his sister is taking advantage of.  =  exasperated
  • Lastly, You are comfortable, happy, content = graceful and relaxed in your movements

Each one of the issues above deals with some form of security or insecurity.  So the end result here is this, when you are feeling insecure, your golf tempo is going to be off some, re-frame that insecurity into a position of strength and wonderment.  Ask the question of what if I hit the shot this way, and then go into your creative mode to get the task at hand accomplished.  This should really only take a few seconds of time to think about.

A great golf example would be a water hazard.  Some would think, and even envision that they will never make it over, or that they will hit it into the hazard.  PGA and LPGA Professionals, and all good players see the good in it, they become calculated in their approach, they find the best way to get the ball over the hazard, EVEN IF THAT MEANS going long a little.  What is your ultimate objective, obviously it’s to hit your target!  And you already internally know what your perfect golf tempo is.   So how do you look at it?  Do you see it as an opportunity to get creative to make the shot?  Or do you look at the fear, and only how to just get past and miss the hazard!  One of these results into exactly what you don’t want.

Golf is about HOW you want to use your golf swing tempo to hit your shots, not about how you MUST hit your shots.  Tell me one golfer who wants to take their shoes off to hit a recovery golf shot out of water, or the woods…when they are NOT prepared to do so.   C’mon go ahead tell me, just one.  LOL.  Recovery shots are must shots, and must shots are mentally draining on the psyche.  Shots that you want to hit, because you know you can hit them, are much easier and a lot more fun.

So the next time you begin to lose your golf tempo or, are just having a tough time finding it in general.  Use this as a How to improve Golf Tempo Drill.  Go back to a time when you had great tempo, relive that feeling in it’s entirety.  Go to the nth degree in feeling it.  Close your eyes and swing the club, feel the perfect easy swinging motion that you want.  And do this for half a dozen swings or so until your instinct says YES!  You will know it, trust in this, it is easier than you suspect.  It is just a matter of taking the time to do it.  Call it self time and then go hit the shot you want to hit.

Whatever golf swing tempo you wish to use for that day, use it and don’t waiver on it, it’s yours.  We all have an internal mechanism that tells us what our perfect golf tempo is.  It is more just a matter of taking the time to recognize what makes you feel good about yourself.  You can do this on a regular basis both every time you practice and every time you play.  Move slower in your actions, take more time to assess the shot and feel good about it.  Time yourself and find out how long it takes you to make and have a slower golf swing tempo.  Per the rules of golf, you do after all get a minimum of 40 seconds to hit your shot.

All of these things can and will contribute to your overall golf tempo and swing, in the long run they do add up.  It is your game and you are and have to be the one in control of it, you can make it the best or the worst at your own desire and will.  So do whatever it takes to have fun with it and make your golf swing enjoyable.

Remember, this and all my other tips here are part of your long term Golf Equation.  After all, it is your game we are talking about, and we both know how you want it to be the best it can be.  So the next time you go play, maybe you should just focus on your golf tempo, I think if you do that, you will find your game much more enjoyable and you will probably play better as well.

Until next time, hit em long, straight, and as few times as possible on the golf course, Happy Golfing and Have a Great Day

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy

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