The Secret Dimension in Golf

Whether it is admitted to or not, there is a secret dimension that will allow any and every golfer, to strike the ball with ease like never before.

What is this secret dimension? Well if I told you it would not be a secret. But I can tell you, that some of the most brilliant minds in golf have known this for a very long time. So why hasn’t it been revealed? Well I have a sneaky suspicion that, nobody has actually seen it and applied it other than a small percentage of golfers in their lives and in the history of golf.

And the only reason that they applied it was because they did the . In my up coming book(s) and videos “Golf’s Secret Dimension” will be explained in full detail.

In this new finding which is backed by hours of personal research on myself and clients. I actually ran across the thought idea by complete accident. But as I Mentioned I will be explaining “The Secret Dimension” in full detail in my upcoming Books and Videos.

I can only tell you this. These findings are a whopper of a discovery. and it has golfers already talking about it big time. Once you see it, you WILL understand it. The changes to make will so easy for you you will wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

You see as a golfer we all know and have had that come back tomorrow shot. You know the one, it’s that shot where you had set up to the ball, knew you were going to hit the exact shot you wanted, executed it perfectly, and with very great ease.

It was at that time, that you were in a very powerful and unique physical position, that you could actually experience Einstein’s theory of E=MC2 ( I’ll let you go to Wikipedia on that one.) . And not only could you produce Einstein’s Theory, but you could apply it. But in the effort to try and improve it, you moved past it, and then could not apply it on a regular basis to use on your golf swing.

The math doesn’t lie on this and that is why my first book is called “Golf Equation”, my second one is going to be called “The Secret Dimension” Each chapter of each book gives you information that you will devour, just in order to get to the big picture of your golf swing quicker.

Golf Equation and the Secret Dimension is actually something that has been known about for a very long time. some of the greatest ball strikers in the world have directly applied it, for both fame and fortune. Imagine what will happen the next time you go out and play with your friends and you are striping it down the middle of the fairway. Imagine the looks on their faces when you rock and fire it right at the pin.

Shot after shot you will be hitting laser guided missiles right at the target. No more will you ever have to worry about where the ball is going. And your worries about exactly which club to hit will be gone forever. With our multi-player patented, “Secret Dimension” practice system, you will be able to self correct for any shot in the blink of an eye.

You will see, feel, understand and know, exactly how to hit the exact type of shot that you will need to make that birdie or eagle. Having to hit major type recovery shots to save par or bogey will quickly become a thing of the past. And you will be hitting more greens and fairways then ever before.

Your scores will go down, your confidence in your ball striking will soar. You will be hitting the ball with such command that your friends and even yourself at first will be astounded.

So keep yourself posted here for more details on “The Golf Equation” and “The Secret Dimension” as the information inside is very prophetic and scientific, and is really nothing but common sense when you look at it. Some of those who have gotten to read portions of the book, have already told me it will be a best seller for Golf and these books are going to help golfers everywhere to finally be able to put their swing together and play better golf.

So get yourself ready to experience the best swing of your life and pre-order your copy of the Golf Equation and Golf’s Secret Dimension today. You can pre-order through this website ONLY. Just click on the services button at the top of the page.

Until the next time, hit em long, straight and as few times as possible on the golf course. Happy golfing and Have a Great Day.

Robb Nunn
PGA Teaching Professional

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