Golf’s Simple Facts of Putting

Golf’s simple facts of Putting

Putting is actually the easiest of tasks when it comes to golf.  You really only have two things to worry about,  the line and the speed.

So here are some facts about putting.

There is only one type of putt “STRAIGHT ”

  • In other words you hit a putt that curves or breaks, but you will never hit a curved putt.
  • All you can do is to start the putt rolling on a straight line.

There are only there are only three reasons a ball curves

  • The texture of the grass,
  • The speed your ball rolls,
  • And the contour of the green itself.

Everyone is different as to how they size up a green and a putt when playing golf.  What I have found most useful for myself and most is using this mental preparation sequence.

Distance , Direction, Contour, Grass texture, Speed.
These are all crucial elements to making a putt or leaving it close.  But I want to share something than many overlook and that is Grass Texture.

Have ever bothered to look at which way the LEAVES/BLADES of the grass are growing?  If not then maybe you should as this will affect the speed and direction.  Here is my example.

What if you had a green that was long and slender, from front to back it was in a south to north direction.  You might not realize it but in the morning time the ball would ten to break a little more towards the east.  But in the evening it would tend to break slightly more to the west.  The reason for this is due to the blades of grass following the setting sun.

Another thing that happens during the course of the day.  In the morning not only will the ball roll more smoothly and truer, but it will also run faster in speed as the grass on the green has been closely mown in the morning.  And throughout the day the grass grows and that makes the pace of the green a little slower.

So the next time you are playing Golf, take a real close look at the grain of the grass on the green.  By paying a little more attention to what the green is doing at the moment you are putting will help you make more putts.  Mother nature doesn’t lie, and if you look really careful the green will tell you a lot in how you have to putt.  Then again, I am sure you already know this don’t you.


Ok, well that’s all for now.  Never fear Robb is here to help with your golf swing and game.
Until next time, hit em long and straight and as few times as possible and I will see you on the lesson tee.

Happy Golfing and Have a Great day.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional

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