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This Blog is designed for those who love golf, and are searching for the easiest way to strike the ball.  In the future, I am going to be adding some video to show you that there is an easier and more effective way.  In the mean time.  I just jumped on to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day.  God Bless, Be well, and Stay Safe.

Here’s a tip for all those looking to improve.  This is an excerpt from my upcoming and soon to be released book.  And yes all this material is copyrighted.

When gripping the club, grip it firmer!
I think if after you read this you try it you will notice a definite difference in how solid your shots feel.  Now mind you I am NOT saying to death grip it…

Let’s do a little critical thinking here.

Ok so let’s look at facts about the grip now.  In days of old they held the club more into the meat of their hands, towards their palms, not in their palms, just towards their palms, they wanted it to fill their hands.

Also and I will include some facts about golf clubs here also.  There were no tapered grips back then.  It was a stick with a piece of leather wrapped around the handle end of the stick with a club head attached at the other.

If you question this, then take a look at really old golf clubs from turn of the century.  I don’t think you will see any taper in the grip.  If you do it will be very minimal.

Now let’s look at another simple fact. There are several sports into which you would use a utensil to strike an object into which you will propel that object forward towards and intended target.  They are as follows, Baseball, Tennis, Racquetball, Polo, Hockey, La Crosse, Badminton, Ping Pong, Axe, Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Stick (for stick ball).  There are also gun’s, not to strike with, although you could use one for such, but what would be the point unless you were out of bullets.  With each one of those utensils, we take a look at those handles and the size of those handles.  Tell me, into which one of those utensils does it make sense to hold it into the fingers instead of the meaty part of the hands?

Not only that we also may take notice that the taper in those handles is very slight.  And to top it off, we also notice that in order to control the ends of those utensils that do the striking, we must hang on to it very firmly.

Common sense would dictate that if all those other handles are bigger, it would make sense might make it easier to swing a golf club if it is more into the meat of the hands rather than the fingers. OH and by the way, you would be extremely surprised, to find out exactly how many tour players have the right hand portion of their grips built up.  Now onto how you grip the club itself.

Almost everyone unless you’re a raw beginner, has heard this term or statement, that they wanted you to grip the club lightly.  Ok, so let’s back up here for a moment to the previous paragraph, or do I need to, I will anyway.

Which one of those utensils for other sports would you grip lightly if you were hoping to control the other end into which you could strike your object and propel it forward.

For those whom have played baseball or softball, if you grip the bat lightly and strike a ball with a light grip, doesn’t it vibrate and hurt or sting.  What about a tennis or racquetball racquet, would you grip it lightly and be able to control the racquet end.  I didn’t think so.

Keep this in mind, most teachers and tour players, are not wrong in what they are saying, possibly misinterpreting it as to what it feels like could be another matter.  Why do I say this?  Who is making those statements.  Top Players and professionals are the ones saying grip it lightly, what are they doing day in and day out?  Hitting balls and playing golf, so what is it going to feel like to them, very comfortable and relaxed, yes?

For you the average player, it is taking you in the opposite direction.  For how can you control the club face with a light grip and not violate the first ball flight law?  Sorry, wasn’t trying to be cruel, but you have paid me to do a job, and the very first thing I will do is give you every piece of information that I have learned and experienced, the second thing I will do is be totally honest about it.

I am not going to sugar coat this for anyone.  I learned too many things the hard way.  Another thing to look at with this is, if tour players are not gripping it firmly, then how is it that their hands, wrists, and forearms got to be two things, STRONG AND BIG. Go to any tour event and look at the size of those pythons that are attached to their shoulders, especially from the elbows down.  I have pictures of players into which you can see their veins popping out of their arms.  If that isn’t tight then I don’t know what is.

All I am asking here is for you to check it out.  Take a chance and grip it firmer and maintain that grip pressure, your shots will feel more solid and you’ll get some suprisingly better results.

Robb Nunn, PGA Professional  © copyright Robb Nunn 1990 – 2008

Until next time, God Bless, Be Well, and Stay Safe.

Happy Golfing and See you on the Links

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