Why Invest in Golf Lessons ?

HI Everyone;
I certainly hope everyone’s Holiday is and has gone as well as expected.
In this installment we will look at the why’s of investing in golf lessons.  Yes I will try and keep this brief…NOT.  Actually I will it is still the holiday and I just really wanted to get this post out.
Hopefully you have been reading all the posts leading up to this one, and yes there are a few more to come in the series.  If you haven’t then it will do you well to go backwards and read forwards starting with the post https://robbnunn.com/?p=1084 .
The whole point with these was to help you along by giving you a solid foundation for your golf game.  Forgive me, I am a teacher and it is my job to educate, this seemed like a good way to put it all together to make some common sense.  Understand there is nothing in any of these that is mean to be condescending.  It is just my passion to teach and help people play better golf.
Ok so onward and upward with this post.  Why Invest In Golf Lessons?  Actually it’s all really pretty simple.  We want you out there playing golf as fast as possible.  It is of much more benefit to you that you are playing golf than to any one else.  My personal benefits and pleasure come from sharing the information.  I don’t own or operate a golf course, but I do still teach, and getting you this information is what you pay me or any other professional to do.
I certainly hope that you have a Professional that goes into the detail that I do and you quite probably do.  PGA and LPGA Professionals are educated from the beginning the, importance of giving you every piece of information you need in order to make a more informed decision.  Your golf game is as important to us as it is to you, we see it as a vested relationship.
You investing in golf lessons is actually the fastest way for you to getting out on the golf course playing and having fun.
All too many times over my career I have watched people come to me dejected and desperate at wanting to improve.  They are frustrated and confused with all of the different teaching theories.  Mostly what people want is something that is simple and easy to remember.  That is what I do, I break the golf swing down to the simplest common denominators so that anyone can understand.
I have had the pleasure of teaching all types of players, from raw beginners and kids, to tour players.  And I have given lessons to those that were from 4 to 84.  In all cases I have made it as simple as possible, and I have always done so with the student/client in mind first.
Golf is addicting and it lasts a lifetime.  It had been said many times before, golf has no boundaries for age, race, creed, color, religion, physical impairments, or really even mental impairments, well there are a few various impairments but not too many.
Golf Lessons from an overall standpoint are one of the best personal investments you can ever make for yourself or your children.
Go to this post from a few days ago and you will see why, https://robbnunn.com/?p=1096 .
Just remember it is you bettering and investing in yourself for a the long term benefit of you and your family.
Well that is all for now. Have fun out there! Until next time. Hit em long and straight and as few times as possible and by all means Happy Golfing and Have a Great and Wonderful Day.
Robb Nunn,  PGA Professional
You can reach me and book lessons via my website https://robbnunn.com
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