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Today’s lesson is on course management and getting out of your own way

The point here is, if you do make a bogey or worse,  make an immediate par on the next hole.  This does several things.

Instantly rebuilds confidence.
Proves to ourselves we can make a par.
Lets us forge ahead and build a head of steam for making birdies.

Trying to force a birdie after a bogey only leads to stressing out and making more mistakes.  Sometimes you just have to be humble and learn to wait for it.  And sometimes you have to have willpower to hold back.  I don’t care what anyone says…PAR is always a good number!  Now for updates on LPGA Duramed Futures Star Lucy Nunn.

After last weeks best showing of the year.  I am guessing that Lucy Nunn was not feeling to well today.  I feel for her been there done that myself a few times.  It’s pretty simple really.  While it is tough to say what when on out there as NUNN of us were there to see it (scuse the pun).  We can all learn from it.

OK so a few things happened out there and it cost her some strokes.  I will attribute the lost strokes to penalties over precarious play and poor Lucy posted a 79 in this mornings round.  But that’s ok as I know she has it in her to play great golf.   Here is a copy of today’s score card and you will see what I mean.  While Lucy gave shots away in the first part of the round,  she righted her ship and jumped out their with a 4 hole stretch of birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie.  This to me shows great potential for comebacks.

Lucy, if your watching my posts, and I hope you are. You know how to get a hold of me, all it takes is a phone call. I have tremendous faith in you and remember, no one wins a 54 hole golf tournament in one round.

You have two days left to make the comeback of the year and I know you can do it. Also remember, by starting on the back nine first…you get to see how tough can play on the final round before at least half of the field does.

If you can make and eagle and three birdies, then this golf course sets up well for you.  Because I am betting that the holes you made par on were probably solid and makable birdies.   Tomorrow (Saturday) when you go out to play, focus on either what you did or what happened to make that run of five under.  I am also betting that what took place out there today, was nothing other than a series of mishaps as I know how well you can play.

Your KEY holes tomorrow are 1,2,3,5,8,9,14,17,18  everything else is a par.  Play smart and play your butt off, I know you can do it.

One other thing…I am always watching and I am in your corner, rooting for you and on your side.

Play well on Saturday.

Robb Nunn, PGA Professional

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