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Night Practice

Night Practice


Have you ever done a Night Practice session, at a Lighted Driving Range?

If you live in Southern California, or any other Major Metropolitan area, chances are most likely that you have had at least one opportunity for night practice.  But what if you live out in the suburbs?  If you are lucky enough to have a facility that does have a lighted range, giving you the opportunity for Night Practice, great.  Lighted ranges give you a fabulous opportunity that you might not otherwise have or realize.  How so you might ask.

Here is a short list of the benefits of Night Practice at lighted ranges.

Each one of the bullets below is preceded by the words “YOU CAN”

  • Normally night practice and hit balls until around 10PM
  • Meet different types of people during night practice
  • Develop friendships and camaraderie that might have been eluding you.
  • Test your abilities against others you have met through a myriad of games and contests.
  • Work upon your game without having to rush to the 1st tee
  • Generally get some sort of assistance from other players,  if you dare
  • Get lucky by possibly getting a chance to practice with your pro too, if they are present.

I have a habit of teaching during the afternoon and evening, this provides some freedom for my clients they might not otherwise have from work.  Yet it allows them, or gives them a reason to come hit balls in the evening and during the middle of the week.

There is a myriad of things that can and will happen for the good of your game once you begin regular night practice sessions.  So it really is just a matter of trying it out.  With the winter season approaching fast and the holidays right around the corner.  You may want to avail yourself of night practice.  This allows you to focus on your game more and practice what you and your pro have been working on.  Just make sure to bundle up and layer your clothing.

Another thing that takes place in night practice is, you begin to learn how to focus better on your swing and shots.  The reason this takes place is because, you go into this mode of how well you are striking the ball on a straight path towards the target rather than just focusing on the target.  At night you can’t really see the targets, but you can very easily see the effects of ball flight in the darkness under the lights.  And you can generally see for about 220 yards.  If you are really alert and aware, you will be surprised at what you learn.

Until next time, Hit them long, straight and as few times as possible while on the golf course.

Happy Golfing and Have a Great Day.

For more information on night practice with the pro, contact me through my website or call me directly.  It’s a fun way to get better, learn some new things, and keep things at relatively reduced cost all at the same time.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy

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