Passionate For Golf?

Are You Passionate For Golf?

I know what a silly question. I am sure that if your a golfer and reading this then you do.

Your passions may not to become a Professional or even a Tour Player. But I will bet my last dollar that you are definitely wanting to get better at playing. I know for certain that you would just love to shoot a round of golf in the 70’s or better if you can.

Imagine what it would be like to have a single digit handicap. Imagine what it would be like to continually beat your best score, eventually shooting par or under par just once. Well let me tell you it is not as hard as you think and if you do it once, you can do it again and again and again. It’s all a matter of mind set and that brings me to my next surprise.

Well I did it, after numerous requests from family, friends, and former clients, I came out of semi-retirement to do what I love to do best…TEACH GOLF. I have located myself at a facility called Lake Forest Golf Course & Practice Center. The Facility is located at 23308 Cherry Avenue in Lake Forest, California.

Great little facility, actually more than great it is actually perfect and fits my personality. It is a short little 9 hole golf course that you can play in about an hour and a half. There are several really great things about this golf course. I will list them below.

Cost Effective Instruction from Top PGA Professional.
Great Greens Fees with pricing from $9.00 for juniors and
Lighted Golf Course and Driving Range
Some of the best rolling greens in Orange County (they really take care of them)
And the range balls are cycled with new ones in on a constant and consistent basis.

OK so now that we have it out there that I am teaching full time again. Here is my challenge to golfers, especially those in Orange, LA, Riverside and San Diego Counties of Southern California. Those of you elsewhere can do the same if you choose, but the commute is going to be a little expensive.
Ready for the Challenge? I wonder if you will find a price for lessons like this!

I have a brand new program and I am only taking 20 (count them) 20 new students for this and it comes with a money back guarantee. Everyone else pays full price and I will not waiver on this.

So here is the actual Challenge. You make the commitment to lower your handicap and score, sign up for 4 lessons per month with me, dive into my golf improvement program which will include a few playing lessons, some possible miscellaneous extra lesson time, a few other goodies, and it will only cost you $125.00 per month. No I did not stutter you heard it right $100.00 per month.

Now where are you going to go get a price like this one? Some instructors charge as much as $150.00 per lesson around Orange County. I promise you are going to get the same caliber of instruction and more from me.

Not that they are bad, they are just different and you will see why when you get lessons from me. You see, I teach you how to hit is STRAIGHT! No Fluff and bull, no if’s, ands, or buts, just straight.

There are a few caveats here, but you will have to contact me to find out what those caveats as well as what the guarantee involves. So you are going to get some of he best instruction available for only $31.25 per lesson. That’s cheaper than my 1991 pricing, but it’s only for a very limited time.

Once again, I am only taking 20 serious students, who want to play the best golf of their life, and will put in the time and effort to do so. No the range balls are not included, well maybe once in a while, but the costs of your lesson and practice time are on your own. Though I am sure I can arrange a discount for you on the range balls.

OK, so my next question is this.
Do you want to continue shooting high scores and losing bets to your friends?


Do you want to do something about it and start winning some of your hard earned money back?

The rest is up to you now. You can choose to get better and do something about it for real, or, you can cower and let your buddies keep beating you, have your game remain stagnant and continue to shoot high scores never reaching your full potential.

Here is another part of that challenge, at the end of one year, if you beat me on the golf course in a fair no handicap one on one stroke play game of golf, I will give you your money back. But if you can’t, I keep the money you paid for lessons.

Do some damage to my wallet here and make me a side bet if you like. So let’s do this that is if you can handle the heat at getting better. And remember, you can press when you get lonely.

Until next time, hit em long straight and as few times as possible, Happy Golfing and have a Great Day.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional

Contact Robb for more information on lessons and anything golf related through his website

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