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The Ultimate Guide to Golf
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The Ultimate Guide to Golf

A lot of tutorial golf guides can look good on the surface and can be extremely costly, nevertheless they might not be composed in a manner that works well for you. Most of these books comprise identical information, but it pays to be aware of how much so called fluff or filler is involved.

Another thing to watch out for in any instruction book is whether or not the wording looks funny.  Being a PGA Professional and Author myself, I have been asked if I wrote the book myself or if I have used a ghost writer.  I have never ever nor probably will ever use a ghost writer.  From a personal perspective I feel that when an Author does that he/she lessons the impact and actually does their readers a dis-service.

It’s more of a business thing over personal, but as a writer and author, the writing that goes into the book does become very personal.   All too many times I have bought a book and read it, only to find out that someone else ( a ghost writer) wrote it, and anyone other than the author writing it I felt cheated.  And the reason I felt cheated is how in the world can I verify that what was written was the authors actual feelings or were they just summarized by the ghost writer.

This is NOT to say that ghost writers are bad, only that if a ghost writer is to be used, then that writer should be intimately familiar and experienced in the subject matter.  Otherwise the only thing happening is a book is being sold that only has partial value and the majority of the words are fluff or filler.

OK enough of that and let’s move on.  When you are looking for a tutorial golf guide, make sure that you breaking it down in to subject matter.  Different areas should be Sand, Putting, Driving, Chipping, etc.  Find books that are as detailed as possible, if you don’t, you may end up buying something that is either to general or leaves something key out of it.   There are several older books that cover every aspect of the golf swing and different areas of the game all in one book, but they are pretty pricey and a few of them range into the $150.00 range.

The current book I am writing on the golf swing, should be ready for release in the spring and hopefully just before the Masters, at least that’s my plan.  And yes there will be the availability to pre-order the book.  I have worked hard on this and it has taken me about two and a half years to write this.  It is going to be a gem of a book that is simple and easy to read and understand, and because of it’s content will be one that will turn the golf world on it’s ear.  There are secrets in this book that will cause you to probably have some questions for your local pro.  I won’t say why though, as you will know immediately when you read them.

Another thing to look for is how is the book structured, is it for the serious player or recreational?  Is it a book that deals with business or pleasure.  Are there visual aids of pictures and diagrams or not?  Look at every little thing that the book represents and then how easy it is to read.  Does it keep you in your chair where all you want to do is soak up the information until you finish it? How is it formatted for you?  These are all things that you should be aware of and now that you are, you have a better chance of finding the best book for you.

Initially I was hesitant to publish, but then I got prompted to by some family, friends, clients and the whole ball game changed.  No I am not going to mention the name as of yet, but everyone will know soon enough.  And yes it is very detailed, and yes I wrote every word of it myself.

In the mean time until my book comes out, make sure that whatever book you buy on golf instruction if very detailed.  In other words if you are having questions after you read something, and you read to the end of the chapter and your answer is not obvious, it is probably not a book for you to buy.

Until next time, hit em long and straight and as few times as possible.  Happy Golfing and have a great day.

Robb Nunn, PGA Professional

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