The Putting Equation

Making the most of your putting equation!

All too many times I see golfers go about their putting haphazardly, not good.  Putting is the quintessential equalizer for all golfers and everyone knows it, yet most still go about practicing their long irons and drivers.

If you want to score better, putting is the way to go, and it takes the pressure off your golf game, so become the best putter you can.

Do you know how many times matches and tournaments have been won or lost due to the putting prowess of one player over another.  Actually, now that I think about it, I can tell you how many times a golf game has been won or lost due to putting.  The statistics prove, that every round of golf that has ever been played in competition has been won or lost because of putting and made or missed putt.

That’s right every single competitive match!  Even when a person misses a drive, approach, or a chip, the fact still remains that every single competitive event has been won by the strokes on the green, and all of them because of putting.

Know let’s think about this for a moment, how many times have you played really well, or at least felt you did when you were putting good?  Probably all of them.  When you had those days on the golf course when you were making everything, your score was lower and you were feeling good at the end of the round.  In a sense there was no way you could miss.

I have some various questions that you should look at and ask yourself.  Take each question and rate yourself on a scale of 1-10.  Doing this will give you a better perspective, it should also give you the attitude to work on your placing more emphasis on your putting practice and prowess.  Along with these questions is a possible solution for you to lower your scores.

  • So why is it that you don’t pay more attention to that?  See the beauty of rolling the ball along a sloped surface and admiring it break into the hole perfectly as you planned.
  • Why don’t you take the occasional putting lessons?  Great putting lessons are also lessons where you are challenged by your coach.  Make your putting lesson a contest between the two of you.  A good bet might be if you win a 18 hole contest the lesson is half price, if you lose you pay full price for this lesson and have to get another as well.
  • What type of putting drills are your using? Are they fun? Do they really fulfill your expectations and are your improving with them?
  • What putting tips have you tried lately that may have pulled you away from your basics fundamentals?
  • How solid is your putting stroke?

Golf Putting Instruction is as much an art as in putting itself, it takes a experienced and versatile teacher to guide you along so that you are moving in the right direction and lowering your scores.  Trust me when I say that putting is an art, it is, and you are the architect and painter of that art.


Putting Lesson
Putting Instruction is an art


It is now up to you to take your putting to the next level.  Make immediate arrangements to get a putting lesson or series of them form your local PGA Professional.  If you are in the area of Orange County, you can always schedule some of them with me and we can get you putting and scoring better by clicking here.

Until next time, Hit them long straight and as few time as possible on the golf course, and I will see you on the lesson tee.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy

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