The Importance of Practice

I was recently asked how many practice sessions does it take to make a new drill solid.

My standard answer to this is…What is your goal?  Most commonly the answer comes back, “well I want to hit it farther. ”  Naturally we all want to hit it farther.  But what’s father?

Ok so you want to hit it farther.   Well, in order to understand this, did you know that if you miss hit the sweet spot by 1/8 of an inch on the club face, that at 100 yards you will typically lose approximately 10 yards of distance and add 12 yards of dispersion off the target line?

So if you truly want to hit the ball father you should really be focusing upon the fact of getting the sweet spot of your club face back to the ball.

To simplify this…FOCUS ONLY upon hitting the sweet spot and nothing else!!!

Your next step would be to.  Decide how much fater you want to hit the golf ball.  Which is it?  3 yards, 5 yards, 10 yards, 50 yards…ok let’s get real here.  Pick an exact but realistic distance and stick to that until it becomes habitual.  Start with a small gain and work upwards building your confidence along the way.

I think if you do that you will be amazed at how well you really do.  A great way to do this is to take a sharpie, and mark the sweet spot of the club with it. I promise as you get more proficient at this the ink will wear off.

I mark my students clubs up all the time.  And I Normally use a Triangle for a better visual aid.

Try this little lesson and see how well you do.  I think you’ll be quite surprised.  For more instruction, see your local PGA Professional or contact me for lessons.  I can take your video and critique it for you.  And my rate for doing this is really reasonable.

Until next week, Happy golfing and hae a great day.

Robb Nunn, PGA Professional

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