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As reported by news wires and sports columns all over the world.

Westwood goes to No. 1, overtakes Woods


For the first time in more than five years, Tiger Woods is no longer golf’s No. 1 player.

Lee Westwood claimed the top ranking after PGA champion Martin Kaymer failed to finish among the top two Sunday at the Andalucia Masters in Spain.

Westwood is the first European since Nick Faldo in 1994 to be No. 1, and the 13th to be No. 1 since the ranking system began in 1986.

Woods had been at the top since the week before the 2005 U.S. Open. He has been going through his worst year on and off the course, and his top ranking has been in jeopardy for six months.

The No. 1 ranking could change again this week at the HSBC Champions in Shanghai, where four players could go to the top: Westwood, Woods, Kaymer and Phil Mickelson.

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By Robb Nunn  PGA Professional

After 1972 consecutive days or 281 Weeks, Tiger is finally number two…OR is he?

Never ever in the history of golf has that ever happened!

According to the PGA Tour.  He is still number one.  How you might ask?   Simple, it’s not only on the green, but in the GREEN…green money that is.  Tiger is indisputably the all time money stats leader, and that my friends is exactly where it counts.

2010 PGA TOUR Career Money Leaders

Is there really any question to who is number 1?



Tiger Wood


2 Vijay Singh $63,228,269
3 Phil Mickelson $59,677,389
4 Jim Furyk $47,565,963
5 Ernie Els $40,369,419
6 Davis Love III $40,103,438
7 David Toms $33,349,260
8 Kenny Perry $31,610,815
9 Justin Leonard $30,368,282
10 Stewart Cink $29,391,675

Tiger as a human may have flaws, but then again we all do.  But Tiger as a professional athlete and professional golfer is unmatched and his career earnings say so.  His closest competitor and peer is Vijay Singh and Vijay has still only made two thirds of what Tiger has made, and Vijay has had a longer professional career!   Matter of fact,  to my knowledge, everybody in the top ten on career money earnings has had a longer professional career.  And as we all know, Tiger’s Career earnings have nothing to do with his endorsements.  Which are closing in on 1 billion really quick.

And Lee Westwood, while a great golfer in his own right, is barely at 10% of Tiger’s earnings.  And it took the tour two plus years (think Torrey Pines) to catch him.  To me this just goes to show how mis-interpreting the current ranking system plays a part in all this.  NO, I am not saying it is not fair, just maybe a little questionable.

So with the world rankings being what they are, the proof is in the pudding so to speak, or at least on the golf course and Tiger has nothing to worry about for quite some time.  I would venture to say and even bet that Tiger’s career earnings will exceed the $100M and sometime in 2011.

Will that be an easy task for him.  No, not by any stretch of the means, but I am sure it will happen.  And once that happens, and he knows this, he will virtually be untouchable.  Tiger’s abilities as an athlete and professional golfer are unmatched and I wish him all the luck in the world.  Then again this is Tiger we are talking about, and Tiger as he has always done, makes his own luck.

I am going to step out on a limb here and make my predictions for 2011.  If all goes well, and he gets his head back in the game here.  Tiger will do several things.  He will win the money title, scoring average, comeback player of the year, player of the year, he will win at least 3 tournaments (not including majors) , and last but not least, he will win at least one major and also be in contention for all of them.

Should Tiger break out and win the Master’s, there is a high probability he will win at least one other and maybe two.  The key for tiger will be what happens in his first 5 events of 2011.  From a personal perspective of first the knee injury, then the divorce, and having been in his shoes, albeit not for the same reasons, if Tiger would just focus on golf for 2011 and nothing else.  We could see an unimaginable year for him, the PGA Tour, and the for the World of Golf.

Quite Frankly…I hope it happens!

And I can also say that from a personal perspective and having been there myself on this too.  The biggest word in Tiger’s vocabulary right now should be Passion and Commitment!  Nothing more, nothing less.  Everything and I mean everything else should and must be put on hold (outside of his children) that what he pays people to do and if they are not doing their job, well, get rid of them.  If Tiger is ever going to reclaim his position as the world’s greatest golfer, this is a must for him.

Another thing I see happening for Tiger is very defined and strategic instructor change.  But this time it will be an unknown, at least I hope it is.  Tiger and whoever that instructor may be should make an agreement to keep their professional relationship under check.  I won’t say secret, just unpublished for a little while.  Both will know when the time is right to go public with it.  Their primary concern should be in helping Tiger and building a solid relationship of becoming friends.  Tiger needs that right now, he really really needs to have a few more people in his personal corner.

What I am saying here is that Tiger has a different type of need right now and it may not necessarily be all golf.  Though yes I do say he needs to focus, I also say he needs someone who can more of a confidant and advisor.  His father is gone and I know how much he misses that.  I know I sure miss mine.

Whoever that person is, he/she should be there in a capacity that is NOT monetarily driven.  Do I say they should work for free, no of course not, and Tiger should compensate them fairly.  And Tiger needs to learn how to be fair with that, not that he hasn’t done that in the past, I am sure he has.  But what I have seen is a whole heck of a lot of piggy backing off of Tiger, and that is what this is NOT supposed to be about.

Everyone who is handling Tiger should be looking at Tiger and his internal being and nothing but that.  Other than his Mom, and probably Steve, I go out on a limb here and venture to say that most are only there for the cash he generates for them.  Sorry people, I just call them like I see them, and no I am not saying that other instructors or people within his circle of influence don’t care about him.  Actually I am sure some of them really do care about Tiger, but to what extent?  Would any of them risk life and limb for him?  Steve would!  His mom certainly would!  But who else in his circle really would.  And that is the type of person/friend that Tiger needs right now.

Synopsis for Tiger:

Tiger go back to your roots for a while.  Find a unknown instructor who cares deeply about you, your long term life, and career.  I remember watching the so called torch be passed on to you a few years ago.  And those involved in handing you that crown, were more than proud and happy to do that, You earned it.  It is time to live up to what that really means now.  The world is looking to you,  WAITING for you to recapture that throne, and to make it UNDISPUTED.

As my father, probably your father, and your many mentors of younger years past would ask.  What is the WISEST thing to do?

I know it is a lonely place, but I also know that you really can change the world, if you would only recognize and accept at how many lives you, have in the past, can in the future, and do NOW affect.  But I know that you now see this and I am not saying anything new.  Your actions have the ability to lead an ailing industry, create jobs, make careers, and change lives.  What are you going to do?

Be that kid I met so long ago who is now a man, the one who had the highest of hopes and largest of dreams, that you would truly be the best golfer of all time.  That it was up to you and only you to change how things are supposed to be for golfers everywhere.  That golf is so much more than a game, that it is life, and everything about the game teaches us everything we could ever need to succeed.

Here is a really good question.  Has anyone ever considered that he might be doing what he is doing on purpose, so that he can make a dramatic comeback like no other?  Michael Jordan is in that inner circle and he did that.  As we all know, Tiger’s do have a habit of waiting to pounce.  Hmmmm, it makes ya think don’t it?

Happy Golfing, hit em long, straight, as few times as possible, and have a great day.

Robb Nunn, PGA Professional

Keep an eye out for the release of my new book…it’s coming soon and The holidays (hint) are right around the corner.  Get signed up at my website and I’ll keep you posted.  It will be worth the wait.

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