Use Golf Lessons to Improve Your Game Overnight

If you are at the golfer 101 player level, and have decided to take up the exhilarating task of learning the game with the hopes of enjoying the game for many years to come, you might want to consider taking a few golf lessons.

With someone coaching you the ins and outs of specific golf instructions, you will have an extra set of eyes which will help you get some of the golf swing positions correct, which is not very easy to check on by yourself, even if you had a mirror.

Are Golf Lessons Worth It The Price?

Taking golf lessons is not compulsory. However, consider taking a few lessons early on in your learning experience as a wise choice. Not only will your skillfulness increase at a swift pace, you will make savings which would otherwise have been spent on a new driver or damaged clubs.

What Makes A Good Golf Instructor?

Finding the right golf trainer that is best suited to your knowledge style is imperative. A good trainer should be able to demonstrate his or her lessons to you in a clear and easy-to-understand method. An experienced teacher will be able to consider your current skill level and then analyze your swing in order to make the proper adjustments needed.

A good golf instructor will be able to place you with the golf club so that you can truly understand how a certain swing should feel in your hands. They can help you to fix a slice or cure a fat shot or a thin shot. He or she will be able to analyze your shots and make a proper analysis of any problems that are present in your swing and stance.

Putting is also a weak area for many beginners as it ‘looks easy’ at first. What can be so hard about sinking a little white ball down a hole only 20 yards away? Ag good golf instructor will explain and demonstrate to you different putting tips on how certain puts should be handled.

It is always important that you and your golf instructor have a good rapport as no-one wants to feel uneasy while being taught, as this will distract you from the lesson.

Everyone learns at a different pace, so you need you instructor to be patient if you are a bit slow on learning some techniques.

Other benefits of taking lessons for the golfer 101 consist of:

1. To have all of your questions about golf answered by someone who is an expert.

2. The advantage of having good habits embedded in your game from the get go.

3. Your self-assurance will increase and this will improve all aspects of your game.

4. You will learn techniques and professional practices which would normally take you months or even years to learn on your own.

Did you know that even golf Pros still have lessons?

Just to give you a suggestion of some admired players that still brush up on their game with qualified coaches, here is a small listing to get you motivated:

1. Charles Howell III, Ernie Els, Nick Price, and Nick Faldo have worked with the Golf teacher David Leadbetter.

2. Even Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, and Justin Leonard have worked with the Golf teacher Butch Harmon.

3. Hank Haney specializes in distance and flight of the ball and has worked with Mark O’ Meara. He also is an American professional golf instructor best known for coaching Tiger Woods. Hank Haney has been recognized by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 100 teachers in America since the inception of the list and was selected this year by Golf Digest as number 4 of America’s 50 Greatest Teachers.

Are golf lessons right for you?

Only you can answer that question! Some people swear by them and others say that it makes there game worse.

What other types of golf lessons are there?

Now you can find golf lessons online, golf training videos, and other training aides. But these cannot replace a real live person standing near you, watching your swing.

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