Winter Golf

Winter Golf


Hi All;

Well it’s that time of year again, the leaves are falling, Halloween is near, and we are getting closer to the holidays.  Daylight is getting shorter, daylight savings is almost over, temperatures are dropping, and basically we are rapidly approaching that time of year we all know as Winter Golf.

Winter Golf is upon us!

For those who live in the northern states, you put your clubs in the closet or garage and get ready for the snow.  Those lucky enough to be in more hospitable places such as The Southeast or South Western parts of the United States, well you have a different story.  Luckily for me I live in Southern California, and excluding a few rain outs here and there, we get to play pretty much all year round.

Then again, we do so in at times very blustery and colder conditions than we are used to.  I can recall numerous times playing golf in 40 degree weather.   Brrrrrrr, not fun at all.  Do you know how hard it is to hold on to a golf club with icicles for fingers?  One mishit on the face and you are feeling the burn of bad impact, and yes it stings like all get out.  This is one of the reasons that I have the utmost respect for those who live and play golf in the UK.

Shoot I am getting cold just thinking about it.  but never the less, Winter Golf is bearing down upon us and quickly I might add.  So what can you do to keep your game in shape during the winter.  Well in my next installment, I will give everyone some gems I have learned over the years at how to keep yourself sharp throughout the next few months and be ready for 2013.

I will leave you with this.  One thing you can do for your clubs is this.  Before you store them away for the winter clean them up nicely and I mean prim and proper.  Leave no stone unturned in this.  Rust settles in quickly if you aren’t careful, and we all know that you will have to scrape some of the rust off your swing in the spring, let alone having to scrape it foo your clubs as well.  So try this little trick I learned from my pops as a kid.  Place a very light coat of 3 in 1 oil on the heads and them wrap them up in saran wrap.  This seals the open areas of the head and also keeps the moisture that creates rust at bay.

I don’t do this on my putter as I love to practice my putting and keep my game up that way.  Now the alternative you can do is this.

Find a indoor driving range and go at least once per week, at the same time, make a pact with yourself that you will get better next year.  Take the initiative to use the off-season more effectively, get some lessons and work hard upon the changes you want to see.  With the advent of more and more indoor practice and lesson facilities cropping up all over the place.  Now is the time to avail yourself and work upon some solid swing changes.  Another thing to do is to work on your mental game throughout the winter.

That leads me to this, for the first time in my career I am officially endorsing the most fabulous system for getting your mind in shape for golf.  It is called Quiet Mind Golf click the link and go look.  Most recently I ran across this and gave it a try.  IT WORKS, and it works immediately and I have never ever ever had any thing that involved mental training work immediately.

Quiet mind worked so well that I contacted the originators of it and … I just spent 3 days with Steven Yellin from PMPM Sports and the founder of the Quiet Mind Program.  After several talk on the phone and Skype, He and his partner Buddy Biancalana asked me if I would like to become the very First Certified Instructor for Quiet Mind.   Elatedly I said yes, and so effective as of  September 27, 2012, I was officially the very first certified Instructor for Quiet Mind Golf.

Let me tell you it was quite and experience to say the least.  I am honored and blessed to have that happen.  I can tell you right now that Quiet Mind Golf fits right in with any training and lessons you will ever need.  It has been getting rave reviews from many other PGA and LPGA pros, and amateurs across the country, and there are even a few names that you know of too.

You can bet that a lot of people will be hearing and taking advantage of the off season of Winter Golf, by utilizing and learning about and how to acquire a Quiet Mind for Golf.

We already know that Steven will be speaking at the annual LPGA Meeting this month in Las Vegas and… It is quite possible that he, myself, or another instructor will be be speaking on Quiet Mind Golf at a bigger event in January as well, though it is not totally  confirmed as of this writing.  We are all expecting to see this revolutionary system take a strong foothold within the industry very soon.

Quiet Mind Golf is by far the most advanced and easiest system I have ever come across, it works so effectively and it is so simple to implement into what ever you are doing with golf now.  NO SWING CHANGES NEEDED, though once you see how it works on you, you will want to get better!  So GET READY!

One of my clients Steven M. took a Quiet Mind Lesson while Steven Yellin was here and promptly when out and shot 81 the next day.  Another one of my clients Chris B. who is a High School Senior is hitting the ball further than he already was, he hit at least three drives on a frozen rope in the last ten days that were over 330.  I am still getting feed back from the others invited to take part in the study.  But from all appearances, everything I am seeing and hearing is positive and that is a big move in golf.

Well needless to say, I am happy as a lark at the opportunity presented to me with Quiet Mind Golf,  I am going to take advantage of it and show as many people as I can how easy it is to play golf with a Quiet Mind.  So I am sure that my winter golf season will be busy.  Best suggestion I have it is to book your lessons now, as I am sure once the word gets out, my book will fill up fast.

Until the next time, hit them long, straight, and as few times as possible on the golf course.  Happy golfing and Have  a Great Day.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy






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