Your Weekly Online Golf Lesson To Improve Your Approach Shots

Your Weekly Free Online Golf Lesson That Will Improve Your Approach Shots

Your online golf lesson has to do with your approach shots. You know your game is getting better when you start placing more ball marks on the green.

To enhance your approach shots, follow the tips below :
Aim for the middle of the green, not the flag. Pin placements and greens are getting more difficult to stick all the time. Do not be a sucker and go for a pin that you may most likely miss, and will most likely leave you in a bunker or some other position and destroy your round.

These two online golf lesson tips can result in a serious improve in your approach shots, as well as your game in general.
And, as you are probably aware, it’s not a simple task to master the approach shot, but there are some ways you can significantly improve the accuracy of your shot. Most golfers don’t practice their alignment too much on the practice range, but they really need to.

Think about this. Typically , when you’re off the green it is usually due to alignment, not distance. Chances are, you have your 160 yard club, 150, 140, 130, for example. And if you hit a poor shot, the ball may go a little further or a little shorter. But even if that occurs, most greens are deep enough so that you will still be on the putting surface if you have selected the club that would leave you in the center of the green.

But, alignment is another story. If you pull the ball, and your alignment is off, it’s off by far more than 5-10 yards! And if you push the ball, you generally are pushing it for the complete round, correct? Bunkers, water, and uneven lies are the obstacles you are facing.

So how are you supposed to compete? The answer is simple. Practice your alignment. And then when you get done practicing, practice some more. O.K , that about does it for todays online golf lesson.

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