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In a recent experience, I was subjected to a life changing experience in helping to resolve “PTSD with veterans”. I can honestly say I have never ever seen anything so intense.

In conversations with the Founder and Developer of this new way to deal with the internal issues of the mind. It was revealed to me that some time last year, just as a test, he decided to perform an experiment with golfers using the exact same methods for core dynamics. So he has created a similar system. I am not going to reveal the name as of yet though. Just know that once this hit’s the main stream, it is going to be real big and everyone will want it.

This experiment took place in an undisclosed location, somewhere north of the border. But what was more important was the end results. What took place was that within this group of golfers was phenomenal. One golfer alone improved his golf game so much that he went on to win 17 local tournaments at his club. IN A ROW! He got so good that the membership knew that if he entered that they were playing for second place at best.

So what does this have to do with you? Well guess who got certified to add this into his repertoire of teaching tools. Yep,you guessed it, I DID.

End result is this. There will be another one of these experiments to be held in the very near future sometime during the PGA Tours West Coast Swing. And probably sometime during the weeks of either Bob Hope, Torrey Pines or Los Angeles.

We will also Do Another set of these classes during the Champions Tour West Coast Events.

I can honestly say that my game has improved dramatically since going through this training.

For more information about how to Vaporize your handicap and play golf in the zone on an all the time basis. Contact me immediately.
This event will most undoubtedly have a surprise or two in store for everyone in attendance. I am accepting applications for 18 Golfers only for this event.

The cost for this event is normally $499.00, but I have made special arrangements with the developer of this and the cost for those attending will only be $100.00. So if your really inclined to get game improvement for 2010. Get SIGNED UP RIGHT NOW. How, Contact me immediately for more details!

This event is by special invite only and so far I have already had responses so get yourself in quick as there are only going to be 18 spots maximum for this and it will include some tour players.

The make up of people attending will be as follows
2 Tour Players
2 Club Pros
2 Low Handicap
2 Mid Handicap
2 High Handicap
2 College
2 High School
2 Lady Professional
2 Lady Amateurs (high school, college, etc)

If you really want to take your game to the next level, you will do yourself well to be at this event, it is quite an experience in the results produced. I found out first hand.

Keep tuned for the next post discussing the dates and place.
You can contact me for more details

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