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About Robb Nunn
Robb Nunn PGA

Robb Nunn

Golf Equation Swing Academy Founder and PGA Director of Instruction

Teaching Location:  Super Sports Golf & Rec. Center, 2190 N.Canal St. Orange, Ca. 92865

Super Sports is operated by a private operated and managed by an outside vendor.  General information about the facility directed to facility management.

Accomplishments and Background About Robb

Presidents Council on Growth of the Game
SCPGA Education and Employment Committee Member
Author / Writer
Public and Motivational Speaker
Business Consultant

To coin the movie title (slightly changed)  what about Robb, thankfully I am not as messed up as Bill Murray was in the movie…I think.

It has been a blessing to me to have been in and around the golf industry for most of my life now.   My experiences have taken me to places, and have allowed me to participate in a myriad of professional golf events around the globe.

It has been my honor to have been invited to numerous different countries participating as either a Teaching Professional, Professional Golfer in tournaments, or as a Golf Professional for the business of golf.

Very early in my career the reality set in that I was a much better instructor, coach, and adviser then that of a professional player.  Yet, I can still play, love to play, and I am a strong and relentless competitor.

My knack for understanding, assisting and teaching people about the swing and game of golf far outmatches that of my being a professional player.  But that is because I love to teach, and have the innate ability to be able to give clients simple yet effective way(s) of producing results, and FAST. As you read through the blog, learn about and look at those I am associated with, you will notice strong congruence between belief and understanding.  Avail yourself by clicking on any links provided.

You will notice a deep seeded consistency, for being able to bring the best out in anyone.  Many others close to me, consider this my calling.  I look at it as being lucky, having been gifted with a talent to demonstrate and teach people how to play golf.  It is a deep seeded passion for me to help people understand more about the swing and the game that so many say cannot be perfected.

So now this comes to WHAT ABOUT YOU?  I hope you will allow me, to assist you in finding your path in golf, or, if you already have your path, then maybe I can assist you in expanding it to be better.  Through me, you will gain a plethora of professional contacts, that can and will help you to expand and capitalize, in any area of life you choose.

Each one of us always seeks to work in cooperative efforts with everyone we come into contact with.  We literally make this all ABOUT YOU. You will find on this blog and website site vast resources.  Please avail yourself and get into contact with them. You will see they too want to assist you and what you are about.  They are all about willing to do whatever it takes to help you succeed on your path.

The bullet list below gives a brief description of some of those experts you will be able to access through me.  If You are looking for more information about any of the following areas, click the following links.

So click here and let’s get started in finding out all about you and your golf swing

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